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Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Pargot's 50th Anniversary with the Kids

    Richard & Arlene Pargot celebrated their 50th anniversary with a trip-of-a-lifetime to Africa.  The actual anniversary was on January 30th, and they were in the Kusini Tented Lodge at South Serengeti (Southern Plains & Lake Ndutu Woodlands), where they were treated to a special 50th Anniversary dinner.

      Two months later, all their kids and grandchildren were here in Akumal, along with an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  They took this opportunity for them to help grandma and grandpa celebrate the anniversary again, with the whole family, this time as Las Vigas.   


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There was a full moon on January 30th too.

The guests of honor, Richard & Arlene.

"Let's get a picture of that."

Christine and others look on.

There's lots of cake.

Karen & Larry watch over the portions.

Scott says, "I want one this big."

It's going fast.

The kids move into the living room.

"Me too?"

Jill says, "Even Celtic's fans are allowed in."

There's still some lingering around.

Arlene & Richard finally take their place of honor.

The readings of praise and thanks begin.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Richard & Arlene.