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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, March 5, 2010

 We have turned the corner and are heading towards Spring, and Robin's Best Shirt Award was a great way to kick-start the season. The contestants and observers were three deep at the bar, and there were some spectacular entries this month. 

As such, this was a very tightly contested event, and Mary enlisted the support of two additional judges to help her wade through the crowd and make a selection.  The winner was an obvious unanimous choice.


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Bob Mather is here with his spectacular shirt and wife, Diane.

Judy & Steve Holz are also looking quite spiffy.

Wendell & Lynda Day are once again sporting very competitive shirts.

"It's nice, but I ain't a contender."

David Poor is here and says, "I am a contender."

Bud Blatner says, "Been here. Done that, but I am a contender."

Alice Blater tells Diane Mahan, "Isn't he cute in that striped shirt?"

Loquito is still celebrating Carnaval, but he is here to take home the prize.

Phoebe and Denny Mahan thinks that funny. "Loquito is wearing a T-shirt."

Russ Motely says, "This is a contender. No noticeable seams."

Bill has a white shirt, tie, and Cynthia, hoping all that enhances his chances.

Rocio tells Mark about the "Shirt Rules" of collar and buttons.

Mary Henderson ponders, thinking, "I need some help."

Charlene and Rocio have been recruited to be on the Judging Committee.

The crowd is awaiting the decision of the judges.

"This is tough. Who are they going to select?"

Bud has gathered a group of supporters into his corner.

Isabel laments, "It's not going to me".

"And the winner of the March 2010 Robin's Best Shirt Award is Russ."

It's never too early to plan for the April 2nd Best Shirt Award, and do not be fooled by April Fool's day.

Russ Shows off his Tommy Bahama shirt and trophy.

Now that is THE Best Shirt.

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