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Super Bowl, February 7, 2010

Sunday, February 7, was the date for Super Bowl XLIV, and THE place to be was the Lol Ha Beach Bar, which was jam packed with fans, tourists, and on-lookers.  Charlene had her betting pool boards made up, and Laura had piles of the Super Bowl T-shirts ready for sale.  There were TVs all around the Beach Bar, and the kitchen was pumping out the spare ribs as fast as they could.

The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints were really up for this game, and while the opening minutes had all the earmarks of a Colt blow-out, it turned out to be a very exciting game that was decided in the last quarter when Peyton Manning got intercepted for a TD.

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The 2010 Super Bowl was played in Land Shark Stadium in Miami, and while it was packed, the Akumal Beach Bar was THE place to be.

As Drew Brees and Peyton Manning were leading their teams after the coveted . . . .

Super Bowl Trophy.....

Fortunately, some of the 'locals' had a special box/table on the 50-yard line at the south end of the stadium/Beach Bar.

And, it was packed from one end to the other.

Barbara & Tom Miller had the 'real' front row seats closest to the action.

Leroy & Margaret Wiedman also had choice seat, not too far from the kitchen.

Judy & Tom Baxter are still playing with the CFL rules, but having a Maahhvellous time away from the Calgary weather.

Betty McElhatten is wondering why San Diego is not playing today.

Taking time off from golf at Bahia Principe, Yolanda & Jamie are right in the thick of things.

Denny & Diane Mahan have a spot at the top of the box seats where they are getting some of the late afternoon sun.

Paul Sánchez-Navarro Russell also has one of those good sun-filled seats.

Ingrid Clouther realizes the NE Patriots are not playing this year, and her only comments is, "Isn't Tom Brady the cutest thing?"

Let's get the game going.

Laura has done a great job, and now she is out there selling T-shirts and other things.

The backside of this year's souvenir T-shirt.

And, here is the model, and he is ready to root on whomever wins.

The fans are pouring into the north end of the stadium/beach bar where the BIG screen is.

How about this? Super Bowl Party on the beach...

The bar is well stocked and the waiters are pouring and mixing drinks faster than you can say "Tequila".

The bar crowd is well position for viewing, eating, and drinking.

It is coming up on kick-off time.

There's the flip of the coin. "Play Ball!!!"

"What do you think? Was this a good idea?"

Mary Henderson has joined Paul up in the sky-box.

Google, not used to big advertising, spent $5 million for its 1 minute ad. I wish my searches went as fast as they did in the ad.

Gabriela Herbert has arrived with her friends, and they are enjoying the ambiance and Sol.

Their bucket of Sol.

Commercials took up nearly 48 minutes of the game - the most for any Super Bowl. This one for Snickers with Betty White was the favorite.


Things are looking better on the outdoor screen as the evening light fades into the west.

The Dr. Pepper ad.

Mary-Margaret and Ken seemed to like that one.

It's half time and time for the 7th-inning stretch to mingle with the other celebrities.

It's the half time show. Who is playing? Yes, The Who is playing. Who is on 1st??

At the end of the day, a dejected Manning walks off the field.

While Brees and the Saints celebrate their first Super Bowl victory.

"Who dat?"

And they are really celebrating in New Orleans.

Go Saints......

Super Bowl 45 does not have an official date yet, but keep Feb. 6th in mind for your trip to Akumal's Super Bowl party at the Lol Ha Beach bar.

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