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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Reception Hosted by David & Nancy Poor, February 19

On Friday, February 19, David & Nancy Poor hosted an evening of cocktails and hor d'ouvres with Sr. Carlos Joaquín González at Casa Romero.  To the best of the Staff's resources, Sr. Carlos Joaquín González is PRI Federal Deputy currently running for the office of Governor of Quintana Roo.  This was a well attended event, and an enjoyable evening was had by all.




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Nancy & David are there to greet their guests.

And the guests have arrived and are enjoying themselves out by the pool.

David & Nancy's friends from England.

Inside around the fireplace arrangement.

Kazue seems to be enjoying the warmth of the candle lit fireplace.

Mary Carmen and her daughter, Angelica.

Sherwood Anders and ?? also out by the pool.

Casa Romero staff doing a great job out in the kitchen and bar.

There is plenty of delicious food and beautiful people.

Even Rhett Schober is here. As is Bob Mulgrew.

Judy, Bob and Lucy.

Hardly any room at the food table.

Gerardo Dominguez and David Wolfe enjoying themselves by the pool.

As is this couple at the entrance.

"This is really good."

"Yeah, it really is good."

Mary Henderson with Dave and Dave.

Kazue and ?? chatting it up by the buffet.

Laura Bush is bundled up with her latest fashion for a cool evening.

Dave & Michelle Bliss. "Send this to the boys back home."

Do you remember him when he was a waiter?

Tammy has joind the party and a good conversation with Lynda Day.

Thierry Vander Elst and Paul Sanchez-Navarro are into a deep conversation.....

as are Lucy James and Bob Mulgrew.

Sherwood Anders compares notes about Akumal vs England cooking with Jane and Carol..

While John and Dave discuss global warming, or the lack thereof.

IngridC with Dave & Michelle Bliss.

Sherwood is trying to convince Wendell Day to get some of this delicious food.

Claudia Munoz, Marcy Essy, and Mary Carmen.

David Poor greets Sr. Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez to Casa Romero and Akumal.

Steve Clouther and Ingrid Clouther welcome Sr Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez to Akumal.

Jose andPaula.

Maimo Essy, David Wolfe, Marcy Essy - "So, he finally arrived."

Laura Bush and Stephanie Motely are looking just absolooootely mmmmaaaaah-velllloussss.

As are Tony & Judy James.

To say nothing of Sherwood and Tammy.

Marcy Essy and Wendell Day

"It's over. Now for for some peace, quiet, and relaxation."

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