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CEA Gala Dinner, February 18, 2010

CEA celebrated its 5th Annual Festival on February 17th and 18th with a multitude of events that culminated with the Gala Dinner on the 18th.  Prior to the Gala Dinner was the wrap-up of the Silent Auction at the Lol Ha Beach bar, where throngs of people bid on a wide range of objects and trips.  It was a major event in an event-riddled month, and this one brought out the cream of Akumal's society.  Anybody not there, was quite conspicuous by their absence.

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CEA celebrated its 5th annual festival on Feb 17 & 18, with the Gala Dinner happening on Thursday, the 18th.

The Gala Dinner was preceded by the culmination of the Silent Auction at the Lol Ha Beach bar.

Paul was on hand encouraging people to bid often and high.

There was a lot of milling around and bids being made by the huge throng that turned out.

Just looking??

The animal "Bobble Heads" were won by Ingrid Clouther.

And CEA was decorated for the occasion.

But first, there is the cocktail reception outside.

Everyone was checked at the gate to receive their band of entrance.

Allyson & John Sheffield just arrive the day before to be here for this Event.

Bobby Sapia was on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Bob & Sherwood Anders are obviously enjoying themselves.

Kinda crowded around the bar.

But there's enough room to eat and drink.

Denny, Dave and Dan seem enraptured with some side conversation.

Diane & Denny Mahan are all smiles about something.

Mary Henderson is in the thick of things with Dave and Dan.

Gabriella Herbert and Tom Baxter are into a deep conversation.

Mary squeezes in for another photo-op.

Gail Olsen is back in town and at the Gala Dinner.

The three Muskateers (Didier Jackson, Denny Mahan, George Palmondon) are talking golf.

The Gonzalezes (Alex, Joan, Tony, Cassie) are back in town for President's Week.

Vern & Terri Holoubeck are deep into their conversations.

John and Dave Bliss are yuking it up.

Judy Baxter and Hollis Hines share a quiet moment.

Maimo Essy shares his thoughts on the whole deal.

Marcy Essy and Laura Bush are looking just absolooootely mmmmaaaahhh-vellousss.

Monika Estrada and Juan Antonio are dressed for the occasion.

Pablo Diaz and Allyson Sheffied share a cozy moment.

Four guys out on the town.

Russ & Stephanie Motely are fighting off the cool air with warm sweaters and a hug.

Rhett Schober wants some of that heat too.

IngridC, John, Allyson, and SteveC get close up for a photo-op.

Time to move inside and let the music and food begin.

The CEA puppeteers were on hand again.

Start it off with some guitar music.

Dave & Nancy Poor are here with a group of friends.

Gabreilla Herbert and Denny Mahan must be discussing the Mayakoba PGA tournament.

While Diane Mahan and Dave have a good chuckle.

George and Hollis are apparently discussing the menu options.

Is this another band Paula Liebe is singing with??

Bobby and Sibylle enjoy a warm hug.

Dave Bliss and Bob Anders are back against the wall checking out the scene.

Meanwhile, Dave has moved on to visit with Mary Henderson.

And, Didier Jackson gets a big hug from Michelle Bliss.

Is that what Dave and John are laughing about??

Some mood setting.

As Paula Liebe belts out another song.

Some of Mary's friends.

Is this Paul with a date?

Mary, Nayeli, and Sibylle are ready to sing.

Gerardo takes over as MC to lead the live auction.

But first, Paul says a few words of thanks for all the people who helped put the Event together.

Michelle Bliss and Sherwood Anders are looking good.

Judy Baxter gets some words of advice from Dan about the auction.

It worked!! Judy wins the painting by Richard.

"Did you see that? I won!"

Michelle, Dave, and Ingrid are discussing the next item for auction.

It's the necklace!!! Anyway, Rhett got into a bidding competition, but eventually lost out to Wendell Day.

Thierry consoles Kazue after Rhett gave up the bidding on the diamond necklace.

Monika and Bobby share a little hug.

Akumal's favorite disc jockey, DJ Bob, comes on to play some dance music to keep the party rockin'.

Marcy Essy, cast and all, is one of the first out there.

Richard & Cami Mazzola are hanging in there.

Steve & Ingrid Clouther got stuck behind the center piece, but still 'looking good' after all these years.

Sibylle and Bobby are at it again.

Wendell Day and Ruth enjoying a good laugh.

Monica and Juan Antonio look like they could dance all night.

Terri & Verne Holoubeck are hanging tough, too.

Wendell swirls the light fancy with Paula..

Tom & Judy Baxter look like they are ready to call it a night.

Sibylle and Gerardo trying out a few steps on the dance floor.

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