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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 5, 2010

February is one very busy month in Akumal, and the Beach Bar was packed with people who came from far and wide to be on the scene for the many events that kicked-off the month.  Robin's Best Shirt Award is the anchor event every month, and the contestants and observers were three deep at the bar.  Unfortunately, the wait-staff was unable to deal with the milling throng, and there were reports that the bar "ran out of glasses".

Be that as it may, this was a very tightly contested event, and Mary enlisted the support of two additional judges to help her wade through the crowd and make a selection.  "How tightly contested was it?" I hear you ask.  Well, there were two runner-ups identified and honored.


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Susanne & Beryl Van Lierop, sporting their support for the New Orleans Saints, were back in town for the weekend's events.

Jim Ferrell is also back, and he has his victory smile on.

Don Papa came all the way down from Puerto Aventuras to get in on the festivities and a shot at 15 minutes of fame.

Dennis also came down from Puerto Aventuras, making a return to Akumal after a long absence.

David Poor, back in town for the Akumal Council meeting, seems to be in the thick of the competition.

Leroy Wiedman, down from Alaska, has on his hot Hot Chilli shirt in an attempt to take home the prize.

Down from Calgary, Tom Baxter get some encouragement from Diane Mahan.

Tommy, the youngest competitor, is getting some pointers and encouragement from grandad.

While on the other side, Thierry VanderElst, in from Belgium, gets pointers from Isabel.

Shotsie (r) is in town with her two sisters to attend this event on Friday and then the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Tommy says, "Let me go. I can do this on my own."

Judy Baxter is giving Charlie her special attention and words of encouragement; "It's about the shirt, not the wearer."

Alice Blatner seems to be giving her support to Kathy Farrell for Jim's entry.

Tom Miller has finally pulled into town, and he is getting his encouragement from Phoebe.

Steve Clouther has a popular, but subdued shirt trying to go for back-to-back wins.

Rhett Schober has been enlisted by Mary to be a co-judge for this very competitive event.

Betty McElhatten is in from San Diego, and she is sporting a very colorful entry.


The third judge is trying to remain incognito as he scans the entries for his nomination.

Diane and Isabel are kibitzing about something, and it apparently is not about the nominations.

Phill Combs, supported by wife Lisa, has brought in his Tommy Baham entry from Tankah in an effort to capture his 1st Best Shirt Award.

Bud Blatner and David Poor are off to the side considering David's odds.

Didier Jackson is out trying to drum up support for his subtle entry.

Here's Jamie and Yolanda, who are building over on Bahia Principe's golf course, making their first appearance at a Friday night event.

Ingrid Clouther is radiantly hoping SteveC does not win again.

Isabel Schober and her friend from Vail, Colorado are anxiously awaiting for Mary to take center stage and announce the winner.

George and Hollis are sporting their casual plaids, but Billy is not in the competition.

It's that time, as Mary shouts above the roar of the crowd, "The judges have made their decision, and the winner is . . . ."

Thierry Vander Elst.

"And, I get this bottle warmer."

Thierry has his arms full. Tommy is the first runner-up, not another prize.

Thierry with Charlie, the second runner-up

"Ouch, that hurts. Beat out by a Belgium, a baby, and a dog."!!!!!!

Mark you calendar for next month's Robin's Best Shirt Award Event on Friday, March 5th.

"We'll be looking for you. And, keep those dogs coming."

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