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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Kathy & Jim's Christmas Cocktail Party, December 23, 2010

On Thursday, December 23, Kathy & Jim Farrell hosted a small cocktail party at Riviera Azul on the lagoon.  It was a festive affair where the beverages flowed freely, and a good time was had by all.


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It didn't quite look like this in North Akumal, but the Christmas spirit was there.

The Christmas lights are twinkling in the darkness.

Kathy, the hostess, is standing by to greet and toast her guests.

Didier Jackson is looking quite festive in his Maya shirt of white.

The wine bar was set up and operating at a hectic pace.

Alice & Bud are definitely enjoying the snow-less holiday season away from Philadelphia.

Wendell Day has found a shoulder, Stephanie's, to lean on while Malu has her right shoulder on standby.

SteveC is out on the patio with all the women.

Amy Christensen has the attention of Paul and Bobbie.

Steve & Sharon Wandler are greeted and toasted by Kathy.

Malu and Amy's sister.

Russ and Jose Antonio are seriously discussing Akumal issues, especially the security.

Lynda Day is being entertained by Dave and Dan, who is staying awake for this festive evening.

Malu, Claudia, and Alice are having a discussion about whatever; the lunar eclipse?

Jim is being a gracious host by not sporting his almost ever (never indoors) present NY Giants/Yankees cap. Nothing for the Jets, Knicks or Rangers??

This group has a number of serious conversations going on in parallel.

Mrs Christensen is having a delightful conversation with Mary Henderson.

Ingrid & SteveC share a quiet moment while the festivities rage on.

It looks like Bud has ditched Alice and is carrying on with Rocio.

Russ Motley has the whole world in his hands with Stephanie and Ingrid - lucky guy.

Malu and Claudia have finally made it to the food court.

Stephanie and Russ are bidding the 'good night and thanks' to Kathy.

Hey Wendell, this is not the Best Shirt Award, but it is looking good.

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