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Christmas Brunch at Casa Zama, December 25, 2010

Once again, Bud & Alice Blatner hosted the traditional Christmas Brunch at Casa Zama, and as usual, it was very well attended by all "the usual suspects".  The champagne and mimosas flowed quite freely, and the food was quite abundant.  And, a new addition this year was the Shaw log fire on the TV, and at one time Bud provided the sound effects of a log popping quite loudly, but it turned out to be another bottle of champagne; yes Lucy, we do know it is just a sparkling wine and not really Champagne.

And, Bud had the Yule Log roaring away.

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Rocio and Alice are ready to greet the Christmas guests.

Bud greets Nayelie to the brunch.

Bud is also in charge of keeping the Shaw Yule fire ablazing.

Barbara & Tom Miller are in town for the Christmas brunch.

Richard & Cami Mazzola are taking a break to celebrate Christmas with this brunch.

Jim Farrell is pre-occupied while Dave Zucker explains why Dan Freeman has to stay home and watch the turkey cook.

Wendell & Lynda Day cover all the bases with "Happy Holidays".

Three generations - Kai, Marieke, and Marieke's mom.

Nayelie, Rocio, and Jen are all in the holiday spirits.

That's Bob Mulgrew on the right, as he makes another rare appearance on the holiday social scene.

Marieke and Claudia are having a good time.

Michael, Nayelie, and Bud share a moment in the kitchen.

Kai and daddy Scott are out on the balcony getting away from the smoke from the Shaw Yule fire.

Sharon & Steve Wandler have made an appearance, and they get right into the swing of things.

The Akumalian has a new staff photographer, whom is being kept incognito.

Ivan & Natalie were on a dive earlier in the day, and they are looking absolooootely mmmaaahhh-velllous.

Can you really make a snowman out of sand??? I have heard of the Sand Man, but . . .

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