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Robin's Best Shirt Award, December 3, 2010

It was a cool evening with a very hot competition, as Akumal came out in force to celebrate the first Friday of the month, and to partake in the BLACK SOCK support and solidarity for Tom Baxter's recuperation.  Considering the cool temperature, the consensus was that Tom might just be onto something wearing socks to the Beach Bar.

Mary enlisted two of Annette's friends to be her co-judges, and the competition was so fierce that they were looking for stories to support the great selection of shirts on display.  They might have gotten a few free drinks along the way too.

On another note, the 6:30pm HST fly-over was observed by a few just as the award being announced.

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The BLACK SOCK idea came from Russ Motley and Steve Cole.
The GET WELL TOM  sign came from Paul Rasmussen.

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Dan Freeman is front and center with his spiffy entry.

Dave Zucker says, "I'll drink to that."

Jamie Foshee presents his very elegant design.

Ken Anderson takes time away from Tequilaville in an attempt to get into the winner's circle.

Russ Motley is looking to finish 2010 with one more victory.

Sherwood Anders might have something to say about that.

Jamie get a hug and support from Yolanda.

Shelley gets a hug from hubby Lynn, as she learns the definition of "shirt".

The crowd is creating a stir and buzz awaiting the judges' decsion.

Phil Webb is feeling good about his chances tonight.

Steve Cole is here looking for his first win.

Wendell Day laughs that idea off as his elegant year-end shirt could bring him one more trophy in 2010.

Kathy Ferrell agrees as she struts her stuff for the judges.

Bob Anders has a shirt full of very colorful parrots that make him a contender.

The judges, Nancy Borkowics, Michaela Schielein, and Mary Henderson are having a very difficult time selecting a winner.

Steve Clouther definitely has the best shirt of the lot, but is it enough to sway the judges. He had the best story too.

Didier Jackson is back in town, and he is wearing a winner.

Don Papa is also back in Puerto Aventuras and down just for this major event.

Paul and Rhett are throwing theirsupport in Bob's direction.

And, Steve Wandler is casting his lot with Steve Cole while SteveC takes the photo.

Here's a ringer with a fancy, but subdued, Easy Rider shirt.

It is the moment everyone has been waiting for. "The winner of the December 2010 Robin's Best Shirt Award is, the one, the only . . . .

Mike Cook of Playa Caribe! Congratulations.

Mike is almost speechless, as he whispers the drinks he bought for the judges must have worked.

And here they are, the Black Sockettes kicking high.

1 - 2 -3 kick higher, for Tom.

Afterwards, the group got together to send their "Get Well" wish off to Tom Baxter, who is recovering in Hospiten in Cancun.

Next month and year, the first Friday is on the 7th, so there is plenty of time to get your "Best Shirt" for Christmas.

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