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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Robin's Best Shirt Award, November 5, 2010

It was a cool evening with a hot competition, as Akumal came out in force to celebrate the first Friday of the month - and the first Friday since the end of DST (it's dark out there) - and the four women Judging Committee had a real challenge weaving through the crowd and sorting though all the serious competitors.  A pair of very serious competitors, making their first entry in the Best Shirt Award event, arrived after the decision had been made; bummer.

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Peggy and Sherwood are ready to ensure a woman takes the prize tonight as Bob looks on.

SteveC gets some support and encouragement from Cheryl Hall.

Tom Baxter, who recently arrived from Canada, has a hot entry.

Wendell Day is also back in town for the season, and he is looking for yet another victory.

Steve Wandler is looking to be the first winner from Punta Sur.

The minister, Kevin "Red Beard" McKee, is praying that this entry, combined with the pony tail beard, will sway the judges his way.

Stephanie and Ingrid discuss sandals while the competitors are doing some one-upmanship on each other.

Nancy Poor tells her friends to encourage the judges to vote David another winner.

David Poor says, "I'm going to wear this shirt until it finally wins".

Russ Motely returns with,"No way Jose. This is the winner."

The enthusiastic crowd is beside itself with emotion and anxiety.

The Judges - Annette, Mary, and Lydia - appear to be looking for a female entry to crown the winner.

Lynda Day voices her opinion, "Why can't a femal from Aventuras Akumal be a winner?"

Yolanda Foshee and Judy Baxter don't seem to mind. "Where's the waiter."

Steve Holtz doesn't seem to care, one way or the other.

The unruly crowd is really getting into it now.

Judy Cain and Gail Rowland got the waiter's attention and another drink.

Peggy and Denise seem to be quite happy with the service.

Jerry Cain laments, "They are my grandkids. Nobody told me about the collar and buttons."

Tom & Judy seem to be getting anxious about the judges' verdict.

The crowd is REALLY getting restless and want a decision.

This is the guy living out at Lucy's ranch, and his friend Bob.

Nancy is looking for Red Beard to bless David's pending victory???

"After a long and deliberate analysis of all the entries, the judges have made a decision, and the winner is .....

"Wait, we have a last minute entry, Mary & Ken Anderson, who just arrived from Tequilaville." Too late!

"The winner is Tom Baxter."

"Look ma, I am on top of the world."

Yolanda and Chery are glad that tension is over.

Wendell is giving some advice on joining the winner's circle, and the duties that go with that honor.

Whoa. There's a lot of color.

Russ tells Wendell, "Look I changed my shirt well before the judges made their decision. They wouldn't listen. You tell them."

Mark the calendar for Friday, December 3rd, the last Best Shirt Award night of 2010.

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