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Robin's Best Shirt Award, October 1, 2010

All the "usual suspects" were on hand for the October 2010 edition of Robin's Best Shirt Award, and there were also a number of "new faces" in the crowd.  This made it quite difficult for Mary to make a selection, so she gathered a relatively large judging committee to help her narrow down the entrants.

It has been reported the the winning entry has an exciting and unusual story behind it, but it is not being reported here for obvious reasons.  But, the next time you are over to the Beach Bar, check out Loquito, who is now wearing it.

Thanks to David Zucker for the photos.

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Laura and Annette are on hand for this evening's Best Shirt Award.

Patrick Collins and mom, Aileen Andreatta, who have unit#10 at La Sirena, are on hand with a splendid entry.

Mary and Dan are very busy checking out another entry.

Karen Sutton and a stranger in town.

Dan and Dave are both looking very smart and hoping for a victory.

Karen & Ken Sutton, who is sporting a wild and crazy shirt.

Russ seems to be taking the low road again, hiding behind Susanne.

Russ asks Beryl why the dogs aren't dressed for the contest tonight.

Mike is back in town, and is having a little chat with Stephanie.

Sherwood Anders looks to be a contestant, while Bob seems to have other interests.

Carly Flores, an owner at Yool Canal, shows off her very colorful shirt.

The judges are evaluating all the entrants and counting all the ballots. Who will it be???

Ken Sutton has won the October 2010 Robin's Best Shirt Award.

Ken Sutton with the trophy, just waiting to tell "the rest of the story."

Carly Flores is looking for an explanation. Why not me???

Mark your calendar for November 5th, the date of the next Best Shirt Award, and be advised that SteveC is 'back in town'.

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