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Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Harbor Club Invasion of Akumal

On January 13th, three couples - two from the Harbor Club and one from Hilton Head - invaded Akumal and took up residence in Casa Solymar with Denny & Diane Mahan for six nights.  On their first night in Akumal, they went to Lol Ha for dinner and the Flamenco Show, and there are reports, but no photos, that they were up on the stage dancing!!!

The invaders included Patty & Bimmer Monteleone and Carol & Oscie Gordon (Harbor Club neighbors of D&D) and Melissa & Jack Adcock from Hilton Head.

Do they really play polo at the Harbor Club??  Or, is that a southern version of golf???

On Thursday, January 14th, Denny & Diane hosted a dinner party for them at Casa Solymar, and here we are.....

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Not only do they invade, but they conquer as 'Local Species'

Diane, Patty, Carol, and Melissa are ready for a good time, Akumal style.

Diane gets the staff ready for the dinner party. "It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

Isabel Schober and Judy Baxter are here, and they will provide a few bumps.

Patty & Bimmer have gotten right into the swing of things.

Jack & Melissa Adcock are also having a fantabulous time.

Anne & Jack Kennedy arrive and are greeted by Melissa.

Diane gives Anne her special big hug.

Patty and Gabriella share a good conversation and wine.

Ingrid Clouther welcomes Oscie and Bimmer to Akumal.

Diane joins the photo op to welcome them all to Solymar.

Anne, Melissa, and Patty enjoy a good laugh, probably at one of Jack Kennedy's jokes.

Bimmer and Diane. Are they really both the same height??

SteveC joins in to kiss the winner.

Gabriella, Jack, and Judy are getting ready to sing and dance.

This looks like SteveC's backup group, the Markettes, for karoke.

There's a cute trio off to the side, with Diane, Anne, and Ingrid.

Bimmer is in the kitchen encouraging the staff to start serving some of the good Solymar pablano.

Dinner is over, and it's time for music, and there's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on.

The party is over, and the group is off on one of their Riviera Maya exploration trips.

Then the guys have a round of golf at Playacar, making the comparisons to "the course back home".

And, the girls enjoyed themselves with an outing to get Henna Tattoos; did they really????

The bags are all packed, and they are off to the airport. Carol, Melissa and Patty

Heading home to the Harbor Club and Hilton Head. It was fun having you here, and hope to see you here again.

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