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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, September 4, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for September drew a limited, but enthusiastic, crowd, because of the full moon and ISS fly-over.  It was another excellent event, and the judges did not have an easy time selecting the winner, and as a result, ended up making a "first" decision for the Robin's Best Shirt Award.  This may set a precedent for future events, but only time will tell.



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The huge crowd has gathered in wild anticipation of this month's event.

Bob Anders has come well prepared to be a serious contender.

Rhett Schober got out his dress whites in an effort to add some formality to the event.

Sherwood Anders, not to be outdone by Bob, is also colorfully attired as she looks to bring a woman to the winner's circle.

Phil Webb, a one time winner, is back trying to steal another win with his subdued shirt.

If Phil can't win, then poochy should be seriously considered.

SteveC is also smartly attired, but being on the judging committee with IngridC, makes it difficult for him to take home win #4.

As a couple, Sherwood & Bob Anders make a serious statement for having a couple as winners.

And after much consternation and serious deliberation, the judges have selected Sherwood & Bob as the winners, as IngridC presents the trophy.

And so the Sherwood & Bob Anders show comes to a close as the winners hold their trophy high and toast their difficult victory.

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