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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, August 7, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for August drew contestants from all over the world, and the downpour did not dampen the enthusiasm one iota.  It was another excellent event, and the judges did not have an easy time selecting the winner.



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Allyson Sheffield is looking to bring a woman back into the winner's circle with her antique shirt.

However Beryl isn't having any of that as he is going for two in a row'.

John Sheffield is also looking quite smart as he also gives Allyson a 'run for the roses'

Here's Hugh Maynard with his old standby; "it's a Robin original"

Donny Hall is back in town, and he has a very solid entrant.

The crowd is gathered around the bar in high anticipation.

Michael Schwartz is making his very first appearince at a Best Shirt EVENT.

Allyson is gathering support from Caroline.

And Donny has Cheryl in his corner, urging him onto victory.

Ron Stern has that "I just came in out of the rain look".

Rod Flake is here again, making a strong showing before heading back to the states.

Mary is also well attired, looking very summery for such a rainy evening.

3-time winner, Steve Clouther, is keeping a low profile looking for the ISS or HST under cloudy skies.

The crowd is getting real raucous now, chanting for a decision.

Allyson & John are pooling their energies trying to bring home the coveted trophy.

Mary and her co-judge, Beryl, are about to make their decision known.

The winner for August Best Shirt Award is Michael Schwartz.

Michael Schwartz proudly displays his trophy.

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