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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Awesome Women's Akumal Reef Divers (AWARD) Inaugural Dive, July 12, 2009

Mary Henderson took the initiative and formed the AWARD (Awesome Women's Akumal Reef Divers) for an inaugural dive in Akumal's "Las Gorgonas" on Sunday, July 12, and the dive was followed by a Champagne Brunch at her Casa Tranquilidad.  The day was warm and sunny.  The sea was clear and blue, and from the looks of everything, a (very) good time was had by all.

Charter members of AWARD include Mary Henderson, Annette Bartsch, Marieke White, Gabriela (Gabi) Orvananos, Shaleh M. Clark, Nan Armstrong, Claudia Tolenterio, and Ani Nicoll.

The August AWARD meeting is penciled in for Saturday, August 15th, and the 'club' is accepting new members.

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The newly formed Awesome Women's Akumal Reef Divers (AWARD) are heading for the deep waters off Akumal.

Annette is adjusting her mask and visibility as she notes how blue the water is.

Anette then leads Gabriela and Claudia to where the sharks are.

Sharks? Yes, there is a medium size (6 ft.) sand shark now.

Mary continues on towards the shark as Shaleh reins it in a bit.

Shaleh then leads Ani, Mary, and Gabi off in a safer direction.

There, that's much better, and safer.

Wait. Gabi and Claudia have found something else over here. Right there.

Looks like a spotted king crab.

Gabi and Claudia tring to "smile for the camera" with a regulator in the mouth.

Mary, in the foreground, points out the turtle to Shaleh.

"OK. Everybody back to the boat and then the champagne brunch at Mary's.

Into the boat.

And to Mary's where the champagne is chilling.

And an number of guests join the members of the AWARD after their inaugural dive.

"Did you see that shark?" "How about that turtle?" "Any more Champagne?" "Let's do this again next month."


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