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Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 1, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for May was held on May Day, and there was an outstanding turnout of contestants, even with the global scare on swine flu with origins in Mexico. It was like many people gathered in Akumal for this first weekend in May in order to participate in the Best Shirt Award and Kentucky Derby (May 2nd) at the Lol-Ha Beach Bar.

It was another excellent event, and the judges, for the first time, selected an official runner-up.



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Mary Henderson is ready to host another Robin's Best Shirt Award Event at the Lol-Ha Beach bar.

And a good crowd has also gathered around the local watering hole.

Gary Sparks is looking like he is to be a serious contender.

Dennis Burris has come with a serious challenge.

Lucy, Chery, and Donny are here with a unique family entry.

SteveC is on hand representing "The Staff" of The Akumalian.

Jim Powers has returned to Jade Bay just to be a participant in this month's event.

Even though Richard is not in contention this month, Kelly Zhuo flew in from Shanghai for the festive weekend.

Michael is also here in Akumal for the premier May Day event.

Pablo has gone the white route in an effort to buck the trend of colorful beach shirts Robin so coveted.

Sam Goby has extended his vacation just to be a part of this major event.

Linda, one of the judges, says, "It's so difficult, I had five of these to help my decision."

Kelly chats it up with Sharon Goby over Sam's chances.

The judges - Linda, Mary, and Linda - are nearing a decision.

Wendell Day and Isabel, both previous winners, are two more contestants looking to take the trophy one more time.

Rick, an outside entrant from the Boston area, is on hand for his first Best Shirt Event, and he could take the prize.

Dennis has finally brought his wife, Barbara, to the Beach Bar to provide support for his chances.

The crowd is getting anxious as the announcement is about to be made.

Jim just cannot get a word in with Jackie, Gabriella, and Sharon.

Gather around and you shall hear, we have an 'official' runner-up entrant this month, and it is.....

The family entrant of Cheryl, Donny, and Lucy.

"And, Gary Sparks is the winner of the May 2009 Best Shirt Award."

The winner and Runner-up(s).

"Look at that Derby. We finally have a dog as a winner of the Best Shirt Award, albeit as a runner-up."

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