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Quintana Roo, Mexico


50th Anniversary of Akumal Festival


Sunday, May 31st

The Akumal's 50th Anniversary celebration continued full blast on Sunday with another full day of events, and and all the action was down on the beach, and the day was absolutely gorgeous.

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With everything goin on, and it being a beautiful Sunday, everybody was here, someplace or other.

The Fishing Tournament HQ was here under the Corona tent, and the early 'action' was kinda slow.

He was feeling good about now, as he had just moved into 1st place.

Here's 1st prize, so the competition is fierce.

Another hopeful arrives, but it looks like he may be out of the running.

What's all the excitement on the beach? Wendell Day has arrived, and he is looking kinda smug with his crew.

The boat bought brought in two good-sized dorado, and . . .

The scale is not big enough! It takes three people to get it up there!!

Wendell has landed a large sailfish after a 2-hour battle, and it looks like he is riding back to Aventuras Akumal a winner.

Here's how he describes the battle, "tough, but fun".

"The bait was this big. You gotta use big bait to catch big fish."

So, Akumal closes the chapter on an other very successful Fishing Tournament.

Now, it's up the beach for the volley ball tournament, where teams are warming up under 91 degree sun.

Still going strong as the shadows lengthen on the beach.

Gotta keep the ball in the air.

Somebody score a point.

Along the beach we have the sand sculpting contest with lots of good entries.

This is a real family affair.

This is looking too realistic for Akuaml. Keep her covered up.

Coming along nicely.

Need a little more detail in there.

This is the model for the sculpure.

This is the model for the model. The painter is Oscar Romero, a well recognized sculpture, painter, and muralist, who comes to Akumal every year.

Here a good looking entry.

It's Happy Hour at Lol-Ha, and the locals are continuing with their beach party.

And so, Akumal's 50th Anniversary celebration comes to an end, at about the same spot where Pablo Bush Romero first set foot on Akumal 50 years ago.

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