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Quintana Roo, Mexico


50th Anniversary of Akumal Festival


Saturday, May 30th

The Akumal's 50th Anniversary celebration continued full blast on Saturday with a full day of events, and it can be summed up in one word, "HOT", especially on the plaza.  The evening EVENT at Lol-Ha was one of the all time greats, and it was THE place to be.

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Ixchel boutique started the day off with a fashion show.

The crowd eased to the shady side.

Bobby and Monica were the co-hosts

Red Beard was the "help them off the stage escort".

The Bazar is set up on the basketball court


Isabel's paintings

Tulum school dancers getting ready behind stage.

In the afternoon there was a puppet show.

Different audience, but still gravitating to the shade.

It's got an underwater theme.

Everyone is quite taken up with the story.

Akumal's version of the "knot-hole gang". Anybody know what that is?

These are the sky-box seats.

Or, it could be atop Fenway Park's "Green Monster".

Pablo Bush Romero's bust points the way to Lol-Ha and the evening festivities for "Mantanceros Expedition Night"

The Game Room has been transformed into a mini-Cedam museum with artifacts from the Matanceros.

Those famous glass beads, some still encrusted in coral

Who doesn't have a pile like this?


Sherwood and Ingrid are discussig some aspects of the jewelry.

Painting of Akumal beach, in "the old days".

Pablo Bush's book is on sale.

as is the wonderful video.

Then it's time for the Mexican Parillada on the beach.

With Pepsi as a sponsor.

Music was provided by a live Salsa Band.

Ingrid and Butch are discussing Diane's slide presentation running at the beach bar; "Did you see me with those BIG glasses?"

Some Sandy Salsa.

Maimo and Gary are not having anything to do with the Salsa.

Things are looking good here in the kitchen.

And, the crowd is lining up for the chow line.

The bar is well stocked and attended.

Ingrid, Gabriella, and Mary looking for their waiter and another magarhita.

Butch and Myrna.

Then it was time to move up to the beach bar with music by Jurassic Band.

Jurassic band

Had the crowd up on their feet and dancing.

Gabriella, Ingrid and Mary are still looking for that mahgarita.

A Chorus Line.

Elizabeth and Jorge.

The First Family of Akumal.

Miguel and Mary on the dance floor.

Ryan and his girl sahre a quiet moment.

The Chorus Line is shrinking.

And the beat goes on. . . . . . .

Dave and Lydia - "Where do they get all that energy?"

One final bow before calling it a night.

Thank you Laura for a wonderful evening and a bushel full of wonderful memories.

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