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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Robin's Best Shirt Award, April 3, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for April was held on April 3rd, and there was another excellent turnout of contestants, even with the minor evacuation earlier in the week.

It was another excellent event at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, and the judges selected another first time winner.



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Beniko is pulling the coy act on the judges trying to get a dress recognized as a shirt.

SteveC is in the running as he tries to convince Mary that his birthday shirt is the best.

Steve Holtz is giving it one more shot before his pending departure from Aventuras Akumal.

Pat Reagan looks like the front runner as he competes in his first Best Shirt event.

Pat's friend, another Steve, is also "looking good".

Eddie is scratching his head wondering what kind of a chance he might have.

Kazue and Beniko find the whole thing very amusing.

Tammy and Red Beard are going at it with both guns as they try for the Best Couple of Shirts.

The Schober family is in attendance, including Manfred and Helga from Germany.

IngridC is putting a strong-arm and sweet-talk on Mary to go with SteveC's birthday shirt.

In the meantime, Rhett is struting his stuff with his new Easter bonnet.

The judges, Mary and Judy Baxter, have made their decision, and the winer is . . .

Pat Reagan.

Pat proudly displays his shirt and trophy.

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