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SteveC's Birthday Party, March 8, 2009

On March 8th, SteveC celebrated a BIG birthday with his family in Uxbridge, MA, and from the number of candles on the cake, you can guess just how BIG it was. It was a Sunday, and the weather was "Abso-loootely  MMaaahhh-velll-ousss" with the temperature rising to 65 degrees under a clear, warm, blue sky.  It was made even more special when gifts arrived from very dear out-of-town friends.

Thanks for the great time and memories, especially to IngridC for cooking an outstanding dinner, and to Stefanie for her 'home made' cake.



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The balloons and banners are hung, the cake is ready, and the table is set. Let's go,

Ryan Fredette made a special effort to get really dressed up for the occasion, and never once did he say, "I'd rather be snowboarding."

The first "out-of-town" present arrived early, and its contents were very timely and tasty.

It was a selection of fine international red wines, and the first to go was the Australian Yalumba 2005 Barossa Shiraz + Viognier. Thanks.

Another "out-of-town" present was a box of huge, scrumptous, chocolate covered strawberries.

These are some of the strawberries, and this does not illustrate just how huge they were. And, the strawberries were very juicy and good. Thanks

The Birthday Boy got to carve the rare rib roast that Ingrid cooked.

Now that is rare rib roast done just about to perfection.

The family - Bob, Ingrid, Stef, and Ryan - gathers around the table awaiting some of that rib roast.

Another shot, but with SteveC in it.

Happy Birthday cake by Stefanie Fredette. Don't bother trying to count the candles.

This birthday cake deserves a close up shot.

Now, time for the serious stuff.

SteveC got his hat, but seems to have lost his teeth; that's getting old.

Lookeee. Lookeee. Is this a "Best Shirt Award" winner for April, or what?

Kep it coming.

A digital camera with an extended zoom lens from my Schatz.

Ryan and Stefanie keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Bob is anxiously wondering when we get to the cake and ice cream.

"Hey Bob, this cake is good. You should have a piece."

Stef is doing a "flash check" on the new camera against the old camera.

It's time to say, "Wait til' next year."

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