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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Robin's Ashes Go Into Mayan Temple, March 1, 2009

On Sunday, March 1, Mary Henderson had a party to celebrate bringing Robinís final ashes to the small Mayan Temple that an esteemed friend and employee, Pablo Contreras, built in the garden area of Casa Tranquilidad.  Robin was always much in awe of Mayan culture and customs, and he spent countless hours in respectful study, so it is only fitting that this be his final resting place. 

Maria Galindo of Tulum, who is well-known for her cleansings (Limpezia de Huevos), performed a small ceremony to bless the temple and to place the ashes in the Temple.  And Mary says, "Plus, what a great 'excuse' for a party!!"

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening, and the  party event was well attended by Robinís friends and associates.

 A good time was had by all.


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