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Robin's Best Shirt Award, March 6, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for March was held on March 6th, and this monthly Event really has taken on a life of its own.  While there was another excellent turnout of men contestants, the women of Akumal also seemed to make a concentrated effort towards putting another woman into the winner's circle, and some - maybe even the judges - might question if they really qualified under the strict definition of a "shirt".

Whatever the case, it was another excellent event at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, and unfortunately, none of the staff from The Akumalian were able to be in attendance, due to a "previous engagement" in Massachusetts.  However, The Staff is very grateful to Diane Mather for being The Akumalian's eyes and ears on site.  Thanks for the photos, Diane.


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Susan and Diane, with Sharon in the middle.

There are some colorful female contestants with Annette and Gabby leading the way.

Dennis is making another go at it with his secret admirer.

Richard and George are not exactly going for the gold, but Arlene has her fingers crossed.

Bob Mather is 'looking good', and he has Diane in his corner.

Denny is giving words of encouragement to Macon, who is a bright as a singing canary.

The girls are chatting it up, but none would go on record with what they actually said.

Hollis pleads George's case with Mary, "George has never won, and we are going back to Chicago soon."

Steve & Judy Holtz with friends, or family?

Macon Gravlee has his cheerleaders, Lucy and Susan, in his corner.

Tom Baxter and Pauli Rasmussen are looking competitive as they discuss the construction business.

Wendell Day seems to be giving some pointers.

Hurley Hackler and Didiere Jackson are weighing their chances in this tightly contested race.

Macon has now pulled Judy Baxter into his corner.

"What do you think Annette? Can one of us pull off an upset?

Some of the more colorful tops, but are the really "shirts"?

Bob Mather is also working the room as he tries to get Gabby's support.

The judges - Mary, Wendell, and Annette - are about to go into their decision conference meeting.

Bud & Alice look on with mild amusement.

The judges seem to have another tough decision as this Best Shirt Award has taken on a life of its own.

"Are they going to give it to one of the women this month?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have reached a decison after much deliberation."

"And, the winner of the March 2009 Best Shirt Award is. . . "

" . . . . Bob Mather"

Bob receives the trophy from Mary.

Bob proudly shows off his trophy.

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