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CEA Gala Dinner, February 26, 2009

On Thursday, February 26, CEA's 4th Annual Festival was capped off with the Silent Auction and Gala Event, and this page records some of the festivities and attendees.  This was THE Social Event of Q1FY2009, and there was a Who's Who of Akumal in attendance. 

The Silent Auction was wrapped up at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, where there was live entertainment and a flurry of activity and bidding around the donated item.  There's no final reports on how much this raised for CEA, but there was some very active bidding.

The Gala Dinner in the CEA Center was very festively decorated again, and there was a surprise entertainer on the agenda, as he Dutch soprano, Karin ten Cate, returned to Akumal with her fantabulous singing.  Gerardo was also back as MC, and he once again conducted a very active and aggressive live auction on some historical items about Akumal.

While they were good, the Rock n Roll Band, Jurassic Band, was just too loud for The Staff, but the younger people were very enthusiastic about the music.

It was another excellent event, and a BIG thanks went out to Marcy Essy who coordinated everything for CEA.

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Bar Crowd

Mary and Linda

Myrna and Annette

Live entertainment

Steve & Judy

Sherwood, Steve & Sharon

Andres, Susan and Macon

List of the winning bids

Sherwood and Laura

Time to pay up

Kathy and Ingrid paying up to Mary

Susan got her doll

Inside CEA

The bar is open

The drummers are drumming

And the property managers are smoozing.

Maggie and Bobbie

Gerardo, Dave and Terry

Nayeli, Monika and Lorrinda

Ingrid and Gustavo

Waiter and "three bottles of beer on the wall"

Laura and Paul

Didiere and the Dutch soprano Karin ten Cate

Arlene, Kathy and new friend.

Waiting for the dancers.

Waiting for the dancers.

Gonzalo & Ingrid

New friend, Elizabeth and Richard

Lettie, Ingrid and Annette

Elizabeth & George

Myrna Mariano and Gerardo

Sergio and wife.

Nancy and friend.

Richard with guest who 'won' his painting at Silent Auction.

Rhett and Pablo playing "My Blackberry is bigger than yours."

Puppet masters.

Bartenders enjoying a private moment.

Ingrid and Karin ten Cate

The crowd is getting restless for dinner.

The buffet is about ready.

We are ready.

The entertainment is starting, and there was no guitar on the head stuff tonight.

The Fun Table

George & Hollis with friends

Karin ten Cate

Charlene, Laura and Maimo

Gerardo auctioning of painting.

Bob & Sherwood

Jorge and Monika

Nayeli & Pablo

Steve & Sharon

Arlene & Richard

Gonzalo giving book he won to Laura.

Lettie presenting book to Myrna.

Dave and Mary looking at crucifixtion from Monticerro.

Mary, "I won. I won. I won."

Marcy with her award of gratitude for the effort she put into binging the Gala Event together.

Din & Terry

Ingrid & Steve

Annette, Nancy and Dave

Wendell & Lynda

Sergio introducing the Jurrasic Rock band from Cancun

Listening to rock n. roll.

Good, but loud.

Enraptured by loud music

The sounds of the 70s..

Where's Karin ten Cate when you want her?

Or even some light classical guitar music/

George and Hollis,. "I think it's time to go."

Only three bottles of beer left on the wall.

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