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Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 6, 2009

While the weather was a bit "nippy' from the cold front that pushed down from the north, this month's Best Shirt Award drew an outstanding array of shirts and contestants. 

And, as arranged by The Staff of The Akumalian, the International Space Station (ISS) flew directly over Akumal at  6:21pm, and because of the clear sky, the ISS was very visible to all who ventured outside the Beach Bar.

A good time was had by all.




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A large crowd was on hand for February's Best Shirt Award.

And, Mary was on hand - speaking of hands on - to preside of the evening's judging.

Dennis Burris was on hand with a very serious contender.

And David Poor is already toasting his expected victory.

But Bill Brab has on his lucky necklace, and says, "Let the judges decide."

Jim Farrell has on his lucky Yankees cap, so he is figuring to be in the running too.

Diane and Jenna say, "Forget the shirt stuff. Let's vote on the most colorful scarf/boa."

Bud & Alice Blatner are against that, as they want to vote on the woman with the straightest hair.

On the other hand, George and Denny want to vote on the best sweater.

Phoebe says, "No. I like the best scarf idea."

Lynda Day wants to stick to the official "1st Friday of the Month" rules and go with the Best Shirt.

Mary Lou Mulgrew, in town just for this event, says, "Let's get on with it."

Steve & Sharon Wandler definitely want the Best Shirt category.

While not a serious competitor this month, Rod Flake has some serious support from wife Joyce, Marieke, and friend.

Besides his lucky necklace, Bill Brab also has wife Oteka by his side with words of encouragement.

The crowd has been in the dark long enough and want a winner announced.

Jenna says, "I'll drink to that."

Ingrid, Hollis, and Billy really like Billy's chances; "he's the cutest."

Judy James thinks that Boston Blackie's chances are better, and he is available for a new home.

Leroy Wiedman yells, "Time out. Under the facade of this warm jacket, I have a winning shirt."

Still life of the trophy and other elements associated with Robin and this Best Shirt event.

Alice and Hollis, as Alice suggests that she get her hair dresser to straighten Billy's hair.

Mary and the only 3-time winner, Wendell Day, look over the vast array of contestants looking for that outstanding shirt.

The crowd is getting real antsy now as the ISS flies over head at 6:21, signaling decision time.

"Who do you think it's gonna be?"

The Judges, Paul, Mary, and Wendell, have made their decision after a long deliberation, and, "The winner of the Robin's Best Shirt Award is . . . . .

"Bill Brab from South Akumal."

Bill, the winner, poses with the judges. If Wendell was a Peter, we would have had Peter, Paul and Mary.

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