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Academy Awards, February 22, 2009

The 81st Academy Awards ceremony was held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honor its selection of the best films of 2008 on February 22, 2009, at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony was televised in the United States on ABC. Australian performer Hugh Jackman hosted the ceremony for the first time.

Akumal's Laura Bush Wolfe hosted the 4th Annual Academy Awards Benefit at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, albeit without the usual red carpet parade of Hollywood and Bollywood stars and celebrities.

The Fourth Annual Academy Awards Benefit was nominated to benefit the Frida Khalo Library in Akumal, and the event was quite well attended!  Charlene was at her usual spot selling tickets for a chance to select the winners who had selected the Oscar winners in the top categories.  The prizes were either a Dolphin Swim at Xel-ha, or a tour at Rio Secreto.  There were five lucky winners!

There was a silent auction with Oscar Romero prints, and that went very well.  A local liquor supplier donated a selection of tequilas for a tequila tasting, and Laura added a selection of cheeses to go along with it.

Laura had also arranged for two mystery celebrity guests that came incognito and agreed to take part in a game called “Guess the Mystery Celebrity”.  Hints were given, but not too many!  They were finally revealed as Drew Barrymore and Farrah Fawcett!

And then there was a multiple choice quiz for those that wanted to test their knowledge of Akumal and get a chance to get the coveted award of “A true Akumalian”!  Trick questions made it not so easy, but there was a winner; unfortunately, The Staff of The Akumalian was just a runner-up.  All in all, it was great fun!

The event collected $562 USD for the Frida Khalo Library!

A good time was had by all.

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Laura is once again presiding over Akumal's Annual Academy Awarads at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.

Charlene has done a wonderful job of setting up for the portion of the evening where attendees voted for their Oscar choices.

Thierry is explaing the odds and complexities of the voting to Ian.

Some of the prints donated by Oscar Romero for the Silent Auction.

Some additional Oscar Romero prints in the Silent Auction.

Laura with one of the Mystery Celebrities, Drew Barrymore, a.k.a. Gina.

Andres Somellera, the new Food & Beverage Manager for Lol Ha, was also on hand, taking over the reins from Mario.

Marcy Essy (c) was the winner for both Mystery Celebrity awards, and she got to be with Farrah Fawcet (Sherwood) and Drew Barrymore (Gina).

The award for the winner of the "A True Akumalian" quiz.

A table of celebrities down in the front row of the festivities.

Myrna and Gina enjoy a quiet moment together before the paparazzi arrive.

Check out the shoe fashions for this magical event.

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