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 Thanksgiving Dinners, November 26, 2009

November 26, Thanksgiving Day, was one fantabulous day in and around Akumal and the Riviera Maya, as the Akumalians who were in town celebrated with their Thanksgiving Dinner at a number of venues around town.  As you might suspect, a very good time was had by, as evidenced by the photos below.

Thanks to Sherwood Anders for the photos from Turtle Bay Cafe.

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Turtle Bay Cafe hosted one fine turkey dinner to a SRO house.

Jen & Bart were the usual gracious hosts looking over all the details to ensure top service.

Sherwood & Bob Anders with Wendell Day are definitely enjoying themselves.

Steve & Judy Holtz are also looking quite happy about the proceedings.

Does it look like Doreen is having a good time??

Mike & Peggy Stone look like they are awaiting a 3rd party.

Right on cue, there's Wendell Day.

Reed, a worker at CEA is also on hand for dinner.

Ruby is singing, "Oh Happy Thanksgiving turkey, bring your breast to me."

Natalie and Ivan were also on hand.

For a plate of green beans. Where's the turkey?

Wally Koenst, from Aventuras Akumal, was also part of the gathering.

"Where did you get that glass?"

Mike is toasting the hosts for another "Job Well Done"

Jen seems to be quite pleased with the way things went.

Lol-Ha also hosted a Thanksgiving dinner buffet with live live entertainment.

Rocio and Phoebe took up an early position at the bar.

And, the buffet was all set and ready to go.

Laura was presiding over the table of the extended Bush family.

David, Elsie, Ryan, and Jason took up positions on the other side of the table.

Harold & Suzi Halpern were back in Akumal after a 5 year absence.

Joan & Tony Gonzalez were back for their annual Thanksgiving 'tradition' in Akumal.

Cassie and Alex Gonzalez were also enjoying their return visit.

Steve & Ingrid Clouther were celebrating their 1st Thanksgiving in Akumal in 3 years.

The Schwartz family had their own table for dinner.

The entertainment is about ready to start.

So, Lunda Schwartz herds her group to the front of the buffet.

"We are waiting for a puse in the dancing."

The other side of the table.

Kick those heals and tap those toes.

It looks like Michael is texting the plant for more Pepsi-Lite.

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