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 Wendell & Lynda Day's 25th Anniversary, November 21, 2009

On Saturday, November 21, Wendell & Lynda Day celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary by hosting a MMMMaahhh-vellousss party at the CEA Center.  The Event was catered by Turtle Bay Cafe, and somebody even arranged for a fantabulous 1/2 moon illuminating a dark, clear sky.

Today as both of you look back
with happiness and pride
Upon the twenty five years
That you've spent side by side,
May every memory that you share
Of dreams you've seen come true,
Help make this special Silver day
A happy one for you!

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CEA is decorated for the occasion.

And, the party has begun, outside on the beach.

And, everyone is definitely having a good time.

Gayle and Mary are having a wonderful time.

Isabel, Steve and Judy are enjoying themselves.

Rocio and Phoebe.

Bob & Sherwood Anders.

Tammy and Mary Beth playing bookends.

Donny, Bob, Wendell and Cheryl enjoy a quiet conversation.

What is this???

Scott & Marieke cuddling under the moon.

and Lucy James are looking quite spiffy.

Wally Koenst and Ingrid Clouther

Monika, John, and Juan Antonio share a moment together.

Sherwood, Cheryl, and Jenn

Isabel seems to be really enjoying her time away from the ranch.

Mary and Lorrinda compare necklines.

Wendell & Lynda bring the party indoors and thank everyone for sharing a special occasion with them.

And we have a full house, with some on the left.

And some over on the right.

Food is being served.

"Everything looks so yummy."

I believe John and Pablo are discussing iPhones or iPods or the like, whatever.

Natalie and Ivan sharing a warm moment together.

Nayeli and Pablo are looking good together, as usual.

Jamie is looking after Tammy while "Red Beard' is back in the U.S.

Gayle & Pauli still like to cuddle after all those years.

Wendell and his brother are having a good re-union.

A family Portrait.

In fact, the whole family is having a great time here.

Phoebe and Isabel: "Here comes the cake."

Jenn delivers the cake.

Wendell & Lynda recreate that famous moment from 25 years ago.

Margahrita and John are quite amused by the proceedings.

And Wendell still has enough energy to be the gracious host.

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