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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, November 6, 2009

Despite the fact that Tropical Storm Ida was crossing the Caribbean Sea towards the Yucatan Channel, the Robin's Best Shirt Award for November drew a very good crowd with competition coming from both sexes.  The judges were getting a number of solicitations, but they held their ground and picked an excellent shirt.

While not present themselves, Denny & Diane Mahan had three couples from the Greensboro, Georgia Harbor Club staying in Solymar, and the three men came prepared with serious challenges.


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Lynda Day came prepared with a very strong entry.

And, Wendell Day, a multiple winner, was back with another serious contender.

The crowd packed around the bar was doing some serious kibitzing with the judges.

Tom Baxter and Jim Power remained somewhat standoffish with their entries.

Mike & Lynda Jochim were looking real good after getting married on Halloween. Congratulations.

Also from the Harbor Club, Frank & June Malcom were looking to bring the trophy home to GA.

Chuck & Pam Dobson, also from the Harbor Club, made the representation from GA complete.

Phoebe, Ingrid, and Shatzi could not give a hoot about the "Best Shirt" competition.

David Poor has a very colorful entry and could be considered a front runner.

Judy Holtz is also looking to be a winner again.

Steve Holtz is also back, and he sports a serious contender.

Steve Clouther is also back with an excellent shirt - so he told the judges - looking to add another trophy to the mantle.

Phoebe and Shatzi are unanimous, "We like SteveC's shirt the best".

There's a lot of discussion going on about who should be the winner.

Is that some payola being passed across the bar to a mystery hand on the left????

Mary checks it out with Nancy Poor, who is keeping it close to the chest.

Here's another way of looking at the entries.

Judy Baxter and Jackie Power are discussing their husband's chances against SteveC.

It looks like the Judging Committee (Marti Johnston, Mary, and Mari Jo Roda) are about to make their decision known to the world.

It's Jim Power, who wooed the judges with his lobster-based shirt representing Cape Cod.

Jim Power is the winner of the November 2009 Robin's Best Shirt Award. Congratulations.

Mark December 4th for the next exciting Best Shirt Award at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.

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