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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, October 2, 2009

The Robin's Best Shirt Award for October drew a very good crowd for October, and it was another excellent event.  The judges had a relatively easy time with their decision, but on the cover, you might wonder "Why?".

Mary Henderson was off in San Miguel de Allende buying "San Miguel" shoes, and The Akumalian Staff was working out of the remote office in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, so the roles of Judging, reporting, and photographing were taken on by Bob & Sherwood Anders, who did a spectacular job on all accounts.

Thanks for the good collection of photographs.


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Beryl VanLierop has returned to the competition after a month off.

Bob Anders alreasdy has the "V" for Victory sign, so he must know something about the judging.

Maggie says, "It's not a shirt, but what about me?"

Mike & Vino McGetrick have a new house in Punta Sur, and he is making his 1st appearance at the Best Shirt Event.

Debbie & Mike Poper are also making their 1st appearance.

Mindy Meyer and Kevin Greenley (Debbie's son) are rooting for Mike.

Sherwood Anders is looking for help from Maggie McKown and Suzanne, who is quite partial to Beryl.


Juan, and

Javier are keeping the drinks flowing as they look on in mild amusement.

Mr. Cejas doesn't look too amused though, as he feels he is out of the competition.

Debbie reveals why Mike's shirt should be considered to be "the best shirt" for October.

Susan Mead is trying to stay incognito for this event, but to no avail. Busted.

Suzanne gives Beryl last minute words of encouragement before the decision is announced.

Sherwood brings the crowd to a hushed silence as she prepares to make the announcement.

The winner for October Best Shirt is Mike Poper from Villa Caribe.

Mike shares the trophy and accolades with Debbie.

Everybody wants into the act and glory.

Mary and a small group of Akumalians (Paul, Mary, Michelle, Gabriella, and Don) send their congratulations via satellite from San Miguel

The Fredettes (Bob, Stef, Ryan) and Clouthers (Ingrid & Steve) send their congratulations from the Birthday Dinner at Hemenway's in Providence, RI

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