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Best Shirt Award, January 2, 2009

The new year was kicked off with the January Best Shirt Award, which attracted a huge throng of people - contestants, family, friends, and on-looking, stool hogging tourists - to the Lol-Ha Beach Bar for another very competitive event.  Once again, Mary elected to have the Judging Committee review the contenders in a more formal format, and this seemed to deter some potential entrants.  A side competitive "event" was dodging the pool cues from the nearby, highly illuminated pool table.  A good time was had by all.


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Mary Henderson is raring to go as the hostess of another fantabulous Robin's Best Shirt Award contest.

Lucy James, just back from a snowy Pacific Northwest, is on hand with Michael from San Miguel de Allenede.

Wendell Day is looking smart as he vies for his 4th win, or is he just a by-stander.

Red Beard is not just standing by. He is standing tall as a serious contender.

Kathy and Jim are looking like a dynamic-duo as they lobby for a "Best Shirted Couple" award..

On the other hand, Hurley and Bud are seeking the "Best Philly Shirted Pairing" award as they sing the theme from "Rocky".

Denny Mahan, a perrinial on-looker, is making his first serious bid this month.

Jack Kennedy is also making his first bid at the "Best Shirt Award", but he may be disqualified on a minor rules infraction.

Mike, from Playa Caribe, is another first time entrant with a very classy tropical shirt.

Richard Dooley arrived yesterday, and his subdued shirt is "looking good", as he clutches the Sol like it is his trophy.

Richard's daughter, Star, and her husband, Chris, presnt Max as the youngest entrant into the "Best Shirt Award" competition.

Kathy is telling Diane, "I really think Denny does have the 'best shirt', but I think the judges are leaning towards a more colorful shirt".

Mike is huddling with Debbie as the Judging Committee goes through its selection process.

Phoebe and Alice enjoy a good laugh as the contestants preen before the judges.

Lynda Day is in the picture trying to take over where Wendell left off with his three victories.

Bud and Alice share a quiet moment, knowing that Bud is not in the running for this month's award.

Michael and Lucy cozy up to Mary trying to get an advance notice on who the winner is.

And, Mary is ready to announce the winner. "It was another difficult decision after we narrowed the field down to three serious contenders. And . ."

"The winner of the January 2009 'Best Shirt Award' is....Red Beard"

"I won. I won. I won." as Red Beard celebrates with his two trophies.

Tammy offers Red Beard her "congratulations", but he is not letting her hold the trophy.

And, once again The Staff of The Akumalia is back in town to record another highly competitve event in Akumal.

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