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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Super Bowl XLII at Lol-Ha Beach Bar

The NY Giants beat the NE Patriots 17 - 14, and most of the crowd had a real good time cheering the giants on against the undefeated Patriots.


It looked like there was writing on the wall / TV.

Tom, Roger and Mike look on attentively at the coin toss, won by NY.

While Denise and Judy pay keen attention to the ads.

Judy, Linda, Diane and Denny are commenting on the local fashions.

While in Section A, Margaret tells her friends, "Brady is the good looking one."

Alice and Leroy look on in amazement as NY goes up 3 - 0.

Linda shows off her winnings from the results of the score at the end of the first quarter.

Betty is aking Bud about the Antique Roadshow on Miamia PBS.

Billy, Hollis and George yuk it up, wondering what happened to the Chicago Bears.

Back in the bleacher section, Bart, Didiere and Lucy let out a resounding cheer as the Patriots go up 7 - 3.