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Quintana Roo, Mexico

KINGS OF HOLLYWOOD-  Oscar statues stand guard in front of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

Academy Awards "Event" At Lol Ha Beach Bar

On Sunday, February 24, 2008, the Akumal Academy Awards event was once again held at world famous Lol Ha Beach Bar amid swaying palms under a warm tropical sky.  Punctuated by a multicultural array of world talent and a diversified list of films, Laura Bush and Marcy Essay hosted the red carpet introductions and interviews with their mixture of candor and inquisitiveness.   It was a star-studded event.

This was another in a series of fund raising events for the Pablo Bush Romero Scholarship Fund to help the Akumal kids continue their education.

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Our hostesses for the evening are Laura, Charlene, and Marcy.

It's party time, once again in Akumal, even without the Elton John bash.

Paul, the paparazzi checking out the guest list and lighting angles.

And once again, Charlene was on hand to manage and co-ordinate the selections and the winners.

Laura Bush Wolfe was once again the hostes with the mostess, as she prepares to greet the stars entering the Beach Bar Theatre on the red carpet.

While not a celebrity this year, Diane Mahan, in her 'Gypsy' theme, is looking for preferential treatment and a front row seat with the "stars."

Hollis Hines and Billy are down front and up close to the red carpet, doing a bit of star gazing.

Also in the stands are Don and Jean Pfieffer, long time visitors to Akumal.

Mario and his wife are thrilled just to be here, forget about the stars.

Laura was once again supported by Marcy Essy, and here they interview Isabel, a ka' Jennifer Lopez's mother.

Laura introducesJulie Christy (Nan Armstrong), as she elaborates on the midnight black gown by Iranian designer Simin. Winner of "Best Dressed".

Next, Laura had Warren Beatty (Karl Faller) whose international informal look was created by the Italian design duo of Dolce & Gabbana.

It's Princess Lea, the winner of a look alike doll for "Best Dressed Supporting Actress."

That's Indie Jones (Myrna Bush); her brother, Indiana Jones, could not make it..

Sherwood Anders is the Dog Whisperer. Her ladylike South Sea pearls earrings and necklace were from Harry Winston.Oribe did the hairdo.

Judy, Janie and Paul

Paris Hilton (Sharon Goby) made a sunny spash in her DOC (Dept of Correction) tangerine suit. Her clutch was courtesy of Tod's.

Marcy and Isabel.

Myrna Sparks tries to eject ????, who took her aisle seat.

Laura gets a Best Picture opinion from Sean Connery (Richard Mazzola), who won for "Best Dressed Male Akumal Funk."

Nan and Myrna.

Laura, Marcy, Tom and Shami.

Isabel snuggling up with George.

Pfiefers and Judy Withington.

Isabel and Jim Petersojn - "Hands off!!"

It's 'party time' as Indie (Myrna) parties with the paparazzi, Paul, and Gerardo.

Nan, Myrna and Diane looking for a local remake of "Charlie's Angels."

Janie Linke and her doll - an original from the Tempest - from the CEA Silent Auction.

Paris' stunning accessories included Bulgari's vintage diamond necklace. Sunglasses by Versace.

Casting ballots for the Awards.

Looks like a BIG winner of the Lol-Ha "Oscar"

"And the Best Picture is, 'No Country for Old Men.'"

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