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Quintana Roo, Mexico

February "Best Shirt" Award

The February 2008 Best Shirt Award fell on the first day of the month, and it was a very fitting kick-off event for an event-filled weekend and month.  While there were high expectations for having the first female winner, there were no female contestants wearing a shirt, but there was a fair amount of grumbling about "Women don't wear shirts" or "the rules are too narrowly defined with a 'shirt'".

There was a good selection of male contestants, and while it looked like the contest might have its first two-time winner, the impartial judges from Georgia worked though the field and came p with another first-time winner.


Didiere Jackson is looking to repeat his January victory, albeit in a T-shirt.

Bud Blatner is too pre-occupied with arrangements for tomorrow's Groundhog Day festivities to give it much thought.

Jim Farrell still seems to be happy, even though he has that New York hat on, two days before the Super Bowl.

Diane & Denny Mahan are just curious looker oners.

Ingrid, Barbara and Shotsie are all smiles, but they are not letting on where their vote is going.

Leroy & Margaret Wiedman seem to be egging on Bob Mulgrew, who made a rare appearance at this month's contest.

Bente Palmer and Betty McElhattan don't really care who wins, as long as Lazaro is around.

Charlene says, "Forget this stuff, get your bets in for the Super Bowl pool."

George seems to be hiding behind Ingrid and using her for a shield from who knows what.

Hollis Hines seems to be pre-occupied with the arrangements for Music Night; how many chairs are there?

Kathy Farrell Sonheim and Alice Blatner are looking for additional support for Jim and/or Bud.

Mike, Denny & Diane's friend from the Yacht Club up at the "Lake House", might be an outside ringer.

Alas, Linda and Mike have agreed to be the impartial judges during Mary's absence.

A bevy of beauties (Betty, Barbara, Isabel, Bente, and Shotsie) checking out the 'talent' but none of them are in the competition; no shirt.

However, Betty McElhatten is behind SteveC.

Wendell Day is another repeat hopeful, and he really seems to be up there with the front-runners.

Linda Day, is all smiles as she senses a victory for Wendell.

The judges had made their decision and in walks Tom Baxter, who almost pulled off an upset.

And the winner of the February 2008 Robin's Best Shirt Award is Leroy Wiedman from Casa Zama and Alaska.

Lero looks a tad tuckered out after his victory lap around the beach bar. "This trophy is a lot heavier than I thought."