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Quintana Roo, Mexico

January "Best Shirt" Award

The first encounter for the Best Shirt if 2008 was open to both male and female entrants, and while there might not have been a gaggle of entrants, it was very competitive and colorful.  Even with the strong competition coming from all sides, a usual 'dark horse' came out and ran away with the honors.


Hugh Maynard and Lucy James, wistful dreamin'

Alice Blatner says, "I'm going to be the first female winner."

Bud Blater yells his encouragement, "Go for it Alice".

Connie Begley and Didiere Jackson try to canjole Mary to vote for their shirt.

Mike Poper offers strong competition as Connie gets support from husband, Tom, and daughter, Laura.

Alice & Bud solicit the help of their friends from St. Louis to back their case for "Best Shirt".

Wendell Day and David from Aventuras Akumal are trying to buck the odds.

Mary, Connie, Laura, and Tom Begley with Bud.

Mike, David, and Wendell have rounded up some cool female support for their chances.

And the winner is Didiere Jackson!!

"I'd like to thank my agent and my barber."