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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Super Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 5th was designated "Super Tuesday" for the primaries in the United States.  This was a day on which the largest-ever simultaneous number of state U.S. presidential primary elections will be held.  Twenty-two states, plus American Samoa and the Democrats Abroad, are scheduled to hold either caucuses or primary elections for one or both parties on this date.

The local contingent at Akumal had organized a Super Tuesday "voting pool" to see how politically literate the locals still were are after being somewhat isolated from all that political "stuff" up north.  There are ballots for voting - $10 USD (or 100 Mexican pesos), and  choose who you think will win in each State!  There were 43 votes among both Republicans and Democrats parties.  The person who guesses the most winners correctly collects 50% of the bets, and the other 50% will go to the Akumal Library.

This turned out to be a HUGE success for the library, thanks in a very large part to Maggie, who solicited and collected a number of ballots from all around the bar.  As it turned out, 35 people voted, this providing the Library with $1,750 pesos ($1,750 to also go to the winner) and another $1,250 pesos were donated to the Library.

Needless to say, it was a very close race.  3rd place had 29 correct, and 2nd place had 30 correct.  The winner, by a slim marging, had 32 correct votes.

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Bud & Alice handing out the voting sheets.

Diane, a co-host, explains the rules to Jissou.

Denise & Roger ponder their ballots.

Margaret is looking for some "inside" information from Alice.

Maggie was hustling all over the beach bar soliciting and collecting ballots.

Ingrid and Betty are intently following the results in Massachusetts and California.

Denny finally gets excited after seeing another Huckabee victory being posted.

Charlene is not too interested, but Gerardo gives an exhuberant "thumbs up".

On Friday night at the Beach Bar, Alice finally declared the winner, who is. . . . .

Bart Smith. IngridC and SteveC were 3rd and 2nd runner-ups respectively, but where is "The Rest of the Story?"