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Quintana Roo, Mexico


September Birthday Party at La Lunita

On Sunday, September 14, the September Birthday Group enjoyed a fun night at La Lunita.  The event was hosted by Annette and Mary, and the champagne flowed quite freely.  The language of the fan got several interpretations, as did a candle in the shape of raspberry ice cream.  A big surprise came when the cake (baked by Jen) was presented, and each person with a September birthday had to take a bite without using a fork---result????  Your face got smashed into the cake!  Hopefully, this will NOT become a tradition, but despite uncomfortable moments for the smashees, everyone else sure enjoyed the spectacle!

 All in all, the good company and good conversation made the evening a "smashing" success.

 Pictures courtesy of Monica Estrada.

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Mary Henderson, Nuiver, Marieke, and Scott Brown toasting the birthday kids.

Bart Smith, Linda Tate and Monica Estrada are getting into the swing of things

Monica Tortilla and Paul Sánchez-Navarro Russell dancing to the Latin rythmns of the Caribbean Sea.

Monica, Mary, and Annette hamming it up with suggestions of a Fan Dance.

Monica tells Mary, "Now this is how you should be doing it."

Mary shouts, "OLE!!! I got it."

Four of the birthday kids - Jen, Scott, Sasha, Mary - along with Monica, and Bob Mulgrew

Mary, Jen, Monica,and Bob Mulgrew ejoy Jen's MMMMaaahhh-velllousss cake.

Bobby is really "getting into it" now.

Scott gives red-eyed Nuiver a helping hand after a cake dunking.