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Best Shirt Award, September 5, 2008

This is September, hurricane season, and low season, and yet there was another fantabulous competition for this month's "Robin's Best Shirt Award".  It was a real challenge for Mary and her Executive Judging Committee, and she instituted something that might become the 'norm' for future competitions; the contestants had to present themselves and their shirt before the committee with a reason on why they should win.  However, there is the flip side to this whereby many feel that this formal process might eliminate some very colorful contenders.



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Bill Barb is making his first appearance at Best Shirt night, and he looks like a contender.

Chris Haas has a subtle concept that makes him feel like a winner; that's the latitude and longitude of Akumal on his shirt.

Kevin, a ka' 'Red Beard', is looking real smart with his St. Arnold shirt.

Bobby Mulgrew has taken himself out of the running, but he is sporting his new beard.

Rhett Schober is even here tonight, and he is wearing his fishing shirt with hula dancers as lures; what does that say.

Don Papa is back in town, and he also has a very subtle design in his shirt.

Tony James is also back in town, and his very bright shirt has caught the eye of the judges.

Chris Haas is telling everyone she made Bay's shirt and embrodered the Akumal coordinates.

Phil Webb is making a rare appearance at the Beach Bar, and his Margaritaville theme seems to raise the challenge.

The crowd is getting anxious and restless as the time for a decision draws near.

Mary Henderson is trying her best at crowd control, and it seems to be working.

Steve is back, and he is one of many looking for their first win.

SteveC, a 2-time winner, is looking like a REAL contender with his classy, but low-keyed, tropical shirt.

Diana telling Chris, "Bay doesn't have a chance tonight, even though he does have Akumal's co-ordinates on his shirt."

Two-thirds of the Judging Committee - Charlene is missing from this photo - getting ready to start the interviewing process.

Judy and Tony James are also celebrating the fact that they just recently closed - finally - on the condo in Yool Caanal.

Mary and Bobby having a scientific discussion on, "Is it half empty or half full."

Bay Haas making his case in front of the judges.

"But I told her it was half empty."

After listening to all the contestants make their case for their "Best Shirt", the Judges are in deep conference in making a selection.

"Hear ye. Hear ye. .. The judges have made a decision, and the winner of the "Best Shirt Award" for September is. . . . .

Phil Webb."

"I didn't know anything about a contest. I just came to celebrate "Robin's Best Shirt"

"Now, that's my kind of shirt."

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