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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Ryan Fredette's April 2008 Spring Break Vacation

Ryan Fredette (grandson to Steve & Ingrid Clouther) returned to South Akumal and Casa Colibri with his mother, Stefanie, between April 22 and April 30.  Needless to say, the visit was busy and wonderful, and the weather could not have been much nicer.  Here are some photos from the visit.

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Day 1 - Wednesday 4/23/08

Ryan comes riding in on his yellow sea horse.

Stefanie is checking to ensure that everything is "A-OK".

Then they are off on a kayak cruise over the bay.

Time to relax and get some lunch.

Bobbo & Humma get them into a 'forced march' over to Akumal Point to see the new construction.

Humma points out some of the damage from last year's Hurricane Dean.

Gotta cool off with some volleyball in the pool.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are standing in a row,..."

Time for R&R on the beach.

And what a beach it is.

Stefanie and Ryan enjoying a social night out at the beach bar.

Back to the house for dinner and an after dinner drink.

Ingrid says, "That's not a bear on the bottle."

Stefanie seems to agree, "That is not a bear."

And Ryan looks on in mild amusement.

The long day of sun, sand and sea is catching up on Stefanie.

And Ryan finds comfort on the dining room floor.

Day 2 - Thursday, April 24.

And another day is here with a wonderful sunrise over the Caribbean Sea.

"OK, what do we want to do today?"

Ryan and Stefanie are off on another kayak excursion.

And, they are off.

And that has to be followed by a refreshing dip in the pool, of course.

And Ryan tries to see how high he can jump and spalsh his mother.

Ingrid, Stef and Ryan looking at the manatees in Puerto Aventuras.

But the real reason to be in Puerto Aventuras is to look at the boats.

This is Ryan's favorite, even though it has only one port hole.

Stefanie enjoying another evening at the beach bar.

Ryan enjoys his strawberry mahgarita.

Then it's back to Casa Colibri for a MMMaaahhh-vellousss steak dinner.

Day 3 - Friday, April 25.

Another wonderful day in paradise.

"Let's go Ryan, we have another relaxing day in South Akumal.

He made it. He's up, but not awake yet.

Stef's and Ryan's sand castle on the beach.

A short walk on the beach with Humma.

Volleyball is OK.

Time for more volleyball in the pool.

Ryan in pool.

Don't get my sunglasses wet!!

Stefanie drying off for better things.

Ryan and Stefanie, "OK, we are going to wavy beach."

Ok. I am ready to go.

OK. Me too. Let's go to Xcacel.

What a beach...

Xcacel - a ka' "wavy beach" - this is the spot.

Stefanie and Humma cheer skimboarding Ryan on.

Ready. Un. Dos. Tres........

There he goes. . . . . .

Stefanie is ready for the waves.


Come on Bobbo, we want to go.

Stefanie zonks out on the beach with a good book.

Ryan heads to his favorite spot where he can contemplate the Caribbean Sea while listening to his iPod.

Cool pants and a cool bench.

The view isn't too bad either.

Back at the beach bar for some cool refreshments, albeit without a straw.

Then into Lol Ha restaurant for dinner.

Ryan is all tuckered out and ready for bed.

"Get outta my room and let me sleep."

Day 4 - Saturday, April 26

Another sunrise over South Akumal Bay.

"What a sunrise."

Dos Ojos cenote.

Stefanie, Humma and Ryan contemplate the clear water.

Ryan getting his flippers on.

Stefanie and Ryan are about to take the plunge.

Stefanie enjoying the deep, cool, clear water.

Ryan just hanging out in space.

Ryan goes underwater, thinking he cannot be seen.

We leave Dos Ojos and go over to Grand Cenote.

Ryan says, "Wow, it is crowded here."

Then, it's a Saturday night dinner down at Hechizo.

We get there a little early, so Ryan and Stefanie check out the beach. Ryan says, "This is great for skimboarding."

Stef and Ryan check out the beach-side sign and a menu reflective of Stefan's dishes.

Ryan and Stefanie are impressed with the collection of shells.

More shells.

And, there's even more than this.

The inside to the dining room and the mosaic murals on the wall under the large aquarium.

A side one by the entrance.

Another side one.

We have our "Stamm Tisch."

Ryan is impressed, and says, "this is great, Bobbo."

Yes, it is great to have Stefanie and Ryan here, and to be able to take them to dinner at Hechizo.

Hechizo reflections.

Day 5 - Sunday, April 27

Good morning South Akumal and Casa Colibri.

Ryan and Stef with their morning pool volleyball.

Now, Ryan practises his skimboarding in the pool.

Conch shell sculpture.

It's a little better up here than in the pool.

Weeeeeeeee. This is much better.

Small shell collection.

Then, we went for a sunset sail on the catamaran, Kantaris.

Allaboard and heading past North Akumal and Half Moon Bay.

Stef has settled in on the netting with a cerveza.

Ryan says, "Hey, this is real cool."

Bobbo tests his sea legs holding onto the boom.

The First Mate and Captain give us their "Thumbs Up".

First Mate Perfidio has caught a good size barracuda.

Kantaris heading for the sunset.

The Captain has timed our arrival back in Akumal Bay right with the sunset.

"We should do this more often."

Ryan and Stefanie in the launch to go ashore.

Needless to say, we were happy but tired sailors, and a meatball and pasta dinner at home was great.

Day 6 - Monday, April 28

The sun rises out of the Caribbean Sea.

Over at Yal-ku, thanks to Kathy allowing us to use her property.

It does look inviting.

Ryan is ready to go, almost.

Stefanie navigates her way down the ladder.

"This is a piece of cake."

Then it's back to Casa Colibri, where Stef settles down with her book.

And Ryan is still trying to figure out how Bobbo can be so good at horseshoes.

Then it's time for a little shopping for Stef.

While Ryan shows off one of his new T-shirts from Humma.

Then it's over to La Cueva del Pescadora for dinner.

Guess what Stefanie had.

"I can do that."

Day 7 - Tuesday, April 29

Another MMaaahhh-Velllousss sunrise.

Sun reflection on the water.

It's the last full day of vacation, and it's a 'slow' one, starting out by watching a movie in the TV room.

Ryan made this for Casa Colibri years ago.

The daily pool volleyball.

Then around 11:15 there was a huge solar halo right over South Akumal that lasted for more than an hour.

It was a 'slow' day, and we go to the Beach Bar for one last drink.

Day 8 - Wednesday, April 30

This is departure day, leaving the house at 8:30am.

Well, it was lots of fun, but this vacation has come to an end, as Ryan and Stef wait to check-in at the airport.

What else can we say, except, "We should do this more often."

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