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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Halloween, October 31, 2008

It goes without saying, that Jamie hosted another fantabulous Halloween Party at La Buena Vida, and as might be expected, the locals turned up in all kinds of fashionable attire, but there was no Sarah Palin/Tina Faye to be seen; it's rumored she was out looking at Cozumel, thinking it was Russia, and wondering how she might sponsor a Bill to build a bridge.

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Jamie Cost, the host at La Buena Vida.

Juan the Boodoo Priest and Lorinda are on their way.

La Catrina, a ka' Lucy.

Tinker Bell (Scott) and Peter Pan (Marieke)

Diana Ross (Monica), Juan Antonio, and The Joker (Ali)

The Angel (Nayeli) and the Devil (Pablo)

Nayeli, Sibylle, Kersten, Katie, and Horacio are right in the thick of things.

Don trying to convince Lucy and Cheryl the Boy Scout's motto is "trust me".

Jen says, "Me too".

Tammy and Red Beard are leading the beer tasting brigade.

Ingrid and Lucy are all set for "The Day of the Dead".

Rafa (Wolverine), Nayeli (Angel), Monica (Foxy Brown), and Santiago (Chupitos)

Santiago, Juan and Bobby make a fear-some three-some

Corey Jr. and Joel (The Contest Winner)

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