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Best Shirt Award, October 7, 2008

This is September, hurricane season, and low season, and yet there was another fantabulous competition for this month's "Robin's Best Shirt Award".  It was a real challenge for Mary and her Executive Judging Committee, and she instituted something that might become the 'norm' for future competitions; the contestants had to present themselves and their shirt before the committee with a reason on why they should win.  However, there is the flip side to this whereby many feel that this formal process might eliminate some very colorful contenders.



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Bud Blatner is back from Philly, but he is not sporting one of his unusual shirts tonight.

David Poor is still in town, and he is looking for another trophy.

Laura is holding and rubbing the Poor's dog for luck, but we are not sure for whom.

It must be for David Wolfe, who seems to be sporting a super special from Super Chomak.

IngridC is looking like a very stong contender, and some odds-makers have her as the odds on favorite.

But then again, Richard Pargot is in town looking for his first time in the winner's circle.

And, the "Philly Corner" is pushing for Obama in '08.

SteveC is looking to become the first 3-time winner, but the competition is tough, and there might be some bias in the judging.

Arlene Pargot and Laura may seem quite jovial, but they are seriously rooting for their husbands.

Hurley Hacker and Bud are obviously looking for another Philly winner.

The judges, Marry and Lucy James, along with Charlene, have been sequesterd for quite awhile, so it must be a tough decision.

Mary looks like she is thowing up her hands in this one, but the Committee has reached a tough decision, and the winner is . . . . . .

David Wolfe, who is eligble for a free beer from the bar.

David Wolfe takes the Best Shirt Award for October.

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