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Best Shirt Award, November 7, 2008

While it is 'low-season', this month's Best Shirt Award attracted the faithful to the Lol-Ha Beach Bar for another very competitive event.  All the serious male contenders were previous winners with excellent credentials and shirts, but they were not able to add another trophy to their case.  The eventual winner made it real tough for the Judging Committee, and apparently there was some unrest after the announcement.

Once again, the discussion turned to the format and having two awards, one male and one female.  Time will tell, as this world famous events prepares to wind down its second successful year with the December award. Be there or be square; see you December 5th.


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Considering this is November, there was a good turn-out for this month's competition.

Jim Power had Gayle Rasmussen and wife, Jackie, in his corner.

Macon Gravlee and David Poor were both looking to be repeat winners.

Mary is getting words of wisdom on Macon's shirt from Susan Gravlee.

Wendell & Lynda Day were strong contendors and competitors; keep it in the family.

Isabel, Phoebe, and RC are off to the side, trying to be aloof about the whole thing.

Monica Estrada and Gayle Rasmussen just seem to happy to be there.

The Three Cabelleras, Jackie, Lucy, and Mary seem to be doing some kibitzing on Jim Power's behalf.

The Judging Committee, Mary, RC, and Monica are giving all the contenders the once over for the last time.

And the winner is Judy Holz, an un-reckoned surprise winner wearing a jacket.

Judy shows off her trophy.

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