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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Music Night at Los Primos

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 (same day as Groundhog Day) Diane Mahan and Hollis Hines co-hosted a Music Event at Hollis' Villa Los Primos in South Akumal.  The event was prompted by Roger & Denise Burton's return to Akumal after a long absence.  Roger, Denny's cousin, have been making fine music in Akumal for many an evening over the years, and once again they entertained a fairly large contingent of "locals" and visitors, who apparently had a MMMaaahhh-vvelllousss time throughout the entire evening.

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Gayle, Denny & Judy welcome guests.

Hollis and Billy get help from Pauli welcoming guests.

Linda helps Diane as a greeter.

Roger & Denise are here too.

What's a party without Bud and Isabel?

Victor is the bar tender.

The kitchen staff did a MMaaahhvellouss job.

Gabriella, Susan and Linda

George, Pauli and Jack

Bud & Alice share a quiet moment.

Susan & Macon have their quiet corner too.

Diane, belatedly, declares, "The bar is open".

Linda, Mike and Isabel share a laugh.

Gabriella has found Susan & Macon's quiet spot.

Linda and Judy watching the festivities.

Ingrid and Macon.

Thierry and Rebecca.

Alice and Gayle waiting for the magic show to begin.

Here's Mike now with his wine corks.

"How did he do that?"

"It's easy. You put this thumb over this thumb and then you. . . . Forget it."

Maybe Isabel will get it.

George has it! But, he dislocated his elbow.

Hollis is still trying.

In the meantime, the chorus line entertains as an opening act.

Mike has another trick with a cork in the bottle.

Rebecca has another trick with a bottle of Don Julio.

"Hear ye. Hear ye. Let the music begin."

Roger and Denny take center stage.


Denny is "Goin' to Kansas City..."

Audience is getting into the swing of things.

More active audience participation.

Some of the background dancers.

"Play it again, Sam..."

"Wrong scene."

Denise and Diane cheer their husbands on.

"Don't make me lose my concentration."

Mike & Linda out shakin' their booties.

"Take it away Roger."

The staff likes it too.

Roger strums out a melodeous melody.

The band has moved down to the orchestra level to be closer to their adoring fans.

Rebecca and Diane reflecting on a soft ballad.

And, when it's all over and done, the plastic remains, bright, shiny and colorful, a lasting memory of another wonderful music evening in Akumal.