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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Best Shirt Award, May 2, 2008

This month's competition was a very hotly contested event, and it took the judging committee an extremely long time to finally make their choice.  There were a number of 'favorites' in the running, but the judges had to select one.

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Wendell Day, the only 2-time winner, is here as an honorary judge.

Ron Stern is looking like a front runner with a Robin original.

Tony James, with Judy, is also looking good.

Another bearded contender, "Red Beard", is in the competition for the first time.

Phill Combs, supported by Lisa, flew in from Quanajuato just to show off this special shirt.

Hurley Hackler is still trying to break into the winners circle with a pull-over polo.

Mary explains the rules, "A shirt needs a collar and buttons."

John McCallum is hoping his lucky jaguar tooth will put him into the winners circle.

Jim Farrell is back, and he says, "It's better the second time arround."

Gary Sparks, with Myrna, cannot have a chance when his shirt says, "Hurricanes".

Kathy's shirt meets the requirements, so she is competing against Jim.

Isabel, 1st female winner, and Wendell, only 2-time winner, join Mary as judges.

"OK guys, line up for the judging".

Gary and Elizabeth. "Oops, guys and ladies line up."

Yeah, we have two women in the running this month.

Shari Stern cheering on Ron.

It's a tough field tonight, so Linda Tate is asked to joing the judging committee.

"They are all looking like winners."

Judy says, "I can't look, Lucy, is dad winning?"

On this end of the field, Jim and Kathy seem to think they have a great 1 -2 chance to take home the trophy.

Is Myrna giving Sheri that, "No way Ron is going win over Gary" look ?

"We have to pick somebody."

Here's an outsider with a good shirt sitting at the bar.

"Hear ye. Hear ye. We have a winner."

"Go ahead, Mary. You be the one to break the news to all the non-winners."

Jim Farrell is the winer of the May 2008 Robin's best Shirt Award.

Jim Farrell displaying his winning trophy.

"FOUL!! I have more hair than that guy, and my loin cloth is better than that shirt."

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