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Best Shirt Award, March 7, 2008

It was a dark and very stormy night - with thunder, lightning and a deluge of rain - as a large number of contestants gathered at the Lol-Ha Beach Bar on Friday, March 7th for the "Robin's Best Shirt Award, and an e-mail, inspired by Hillary Clinton's victories in Ohio and Texas, brought out a number of very serious female contenders.  While there was a large number of male contestants, including many previous winners, it had all the makings of another upset, and a victory by a female.

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The crowd had gathere early to get the best seats for this hotly contested Best Shirt Award.

Previous winners, like Wendell Day, were on hand looking to do a repeat.

David Poor had just gotten back into town, and he braved the storm to try his luck.

A visitor to Aventura Akumal was here to try to take the award.

Denny imported his sister, Patty, to bring him luck.

Isabel responded to the call from The Akumalian and was giving it her best shot.

Gabriella was dressed to "the nines" and she looked like a very good odds on favorite.

Bart, wearing his best Univ of Kentucky shirt, really thought this was his night.

Lucy James brought along her friend from San Miguel in her effort to wrench the title away from the males.

SteveC, here with Denny, Ingrid and Patty, was wearing an original "Robin's Shirt" in his effort to be the first 2-time winner.

Even Denny and Isabel, whispering sweet good lucks to Steve, felt that "This is a winner."

Really, there was a minor SteveC's eve Birthday wish, as he opened an outstanding CD present from Denny & Diane.

Judy & Steve Holtz are looking their usual splendid selfs as another Steve make a move on the award.

Don Pfeiffer is on the side lines with his contender.

The judges, Mary and Maggie, have made their final decision, and it was not easy.

The crowd is on the edges of the bar stools in wild anticipation.

Patty, Ingrid, and Dave look on in mild amusement.

"it's either you or me."

Bart gets the thumbs up from Diane, as Mary announces him as a "very serious runnerup."

While Isabel Schober is the first woman to take the "Robin's Best Shirt Award", and she's a strong Republican!!

Isabel proudly displaying her award.

"It's not sour grapes, but why did they have to go and do that?"

"Well played, Steve."

Mark your calendar for the next "Best Shirt Award" on Friday, April 4th.

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