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Best Shirt Award, December 5, 2008

The holiday season was kicked off with the December Best Shirt Award, which once again attracted the faithful to the Lol-Ha Beach Bar for another very competitive event.  Once again, Mary elected to have the Judging Committee review the contenders in a more formal format, and this did not deter the entrants.  A good time was had by all.

This month, the discussion turned to retiring all 3-time winners, and maybe this might come closer to a reality when there are other 3-time winners, or when Wendell Day comes around with a serious contender for a 4-bagger.


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Holy Cape Cod!!! The place is packed with contestants and well-wishers.

Bob Mather is "lookin' cool" as a serious contender, and Diane agrees.

Gayle is "standin' by her man" Pauli, as the Rasmussens go for the trophy.

Bob Mulgrew isn't going for the Best Shirt award, but he has already collected his trophies.

Mary seems to be giving some special support to Pablo.

Monica definitely pulling for Juan.

Is Nayelie throwing her support to Bob Mather?

Susanne & Bery VanLierop as a contender with serious support.

Some of the local kids came over to see all the fuss and sing their usual songs.

The Judging Committee is reviewing the contenders, trying to select the "Best Shirt".

Wendell Day takes home the trophy again, becoming the first 3-time winner of the Best Shirt award.

"Keep trying Bob."

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