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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Best Shirt Award, August 1, 2008

This month's competition was one of the most hotly contested we have ever had, and the judging committee was very hard pressed to make a decision.  There were couples, many women, and lots of men with an array of fantabulous shirts.



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Dave Bliss is looking real cool with his alligators and surf boards.

John Sheffield is looking like a contender too.

That is Bob Mulgrew with his low-keyed white shirt.

Hugh Maynard says, "Third time never fails, right."

Beryl VanLierop and Bill McClendon are also sporting real cool looking shirts, as well.

Isabel Schober, one of many women contestants, is trying for her 2nd win.

Neil Humphreys, sporting an original creation, is looking to bring the trophy back to Qatar.

Nancy & David Poor are one of two couples competeing against each other.

Bery & Susanne VanLierop, along with their best friend, are making a good run at a victory.

Frank Hatch is even in town for this event.

And Van Friend is even making an appearance with a very good looking entry.

Kathy Sonheim Farrell and grandson, Danny, along with Katherine, her daughter, are all in the competition too.

Dave brought Mike, his younger brother, along for support.

Michelle Bliss and Liz, Dave's sister-in-law, are leading the cheering for Dave and the boys.

The boys, of course, are Kurt and Johnathan Bliss, who are having a birthday on August 15th.

Mary Sharon Wells, Isabel's friend from Denver, looks like an outside ringer.

"What do you think, Lennie? Do you think I have a chance?"

Katie Humphreys, the appointed and annointed official judging committee, leans on Paula for help and support.

THE Staff of The Akumalian is on hand to lend a hand to Katie and help with the crowd control.

"Eat up boys. This might be our victory dinner tonight."

Dave and Bill are all smiles now, but they really are stabbing each other in the back as the decision draws near.

Cheryl McClendon is on the sidelines cheering Bill along.

Rod Flake is just hanging around in the background waiting to make his move.

"What's in your wallet? Are we taking any bets over here?"

"2 to 1 our dog wins."

Maggie McKown seems to have aligned herself with Joyce Flake in rooting for Ron.

Looks like some heated discussion about the odds.

Neil Humphreys has pulled the whole family - Katie, Paula, and Ellie - together in his corner.

Allyson, lookimg a bit down, says, "It don't look too good, John."

"And, the winn er for August 2008 is Neil Humphreys."

"I knew he was going to win."

"Looks like a winner to me."

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