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Sunset Sail on the Catamaran Kantaris

On Sunday, April 27, we chartered the catamaran Kantaris through the Akumal Dive Shop to get Stefanie and Ryan Fredette out on the "high seas" in a sailboat, because all of their boating experiences in Massachusetts and Cape Cod have been with power boats.  This was an excellent sunset sail that was the highlight of their vacation (Ryan's 13th) in Akumal.  And, Ingrid, and 'old salt' and Akumalian summed it up best, many times over, with, "We should do this more often."

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Akumal Bay as we ferry out to the Kantaris

There it is, anchored out in the bay.

Captain Angel is at the helm as we motor out through the break in the reef.

The crew settles in, observing turtles as we head towards the cut..

The sails are up, and we are off, heading along the coast of North Akumal and Half Moon Bay.

Perfidio, the First Mate, now has time to set the lines.

The netting and deep, blue Caribbean Sea.

Stefanie gets comfortable and settles into the netting off the bow.

Ingrid is comfortable too.

And the Henkell has been "popped".

Stefanie is now relaxed with her bottle of cerveza.

"Thumbs Up" from The First Mate and Captain.

Ryan decides that he too can take advantage of the netting to get more comfortable.

SteveC maintains an erect position, rolling with the swells, as he watches for those "Kodak moments".

Captain Angel is very relaxed as we spot sailfish jumping out of the water.

We have tacked and headed south past Jade Bay, South Akumal, Aventuras Akumal, and Bahia Principe where Gonzalo Arcila greets us in a Hobbie Cat.

"What's that commotion back there?"

Ryan gets up to see the excitement and test his sea legs.

Perfidio has caught a good size barracuda.

Mommy and Humma saying, "Be careful Ryan".

Have no fear, Bobbo is here.

The sun is setting, so our 'adventure on the high seas' must be coming to a close.

Kantaris under sail on our sunset sail.

Take us home, Captain.

"Yeah, get us ashore, quickly."

Sunset over Akumal.

"We should do this more often".

Perfidio guides the Captain through the channel into the bay.

Ryan and Stefanie in the launch to take us ashore.

Thank you Akumal Dive Shop, Captain Angel, and First Mate Perfidio for this excellent and memorable sunset sail.

"We should do this more often."

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