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 Birthdays and Anniversaries


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1   Jorge Vera (CEA)
1   Alma Boada (CEA)
2   Betty Simpson
3   Demetrio
3   Nan Armstrong
5   Bart Smith
5   Bob Doebert 
7   Greg & Karen Goudy Anniversary
8   Steve Clouther
8   Rick Tompkins
8   McKinlee Anne DePaola
8   Jana Boettger
8   Tony Gonzalez
9   Shaileen Rounds
12   Paige Clements
12   CeCi Chiosso (Bill McClendon’s sister)
13   Lydia Pontius
13   Karen Goudy
13   Lynn Chase
14   Patricia Murray
15   Kevin Fredette
19   Sharon Fredette  
22   Sherwood Anders
23   Kelly Flynn
24   Rhett Schober
25   Rocio Cue Romero
26   Tom & Judy Baxter Anniversary 
27   Lois Radlinsky
27   Christian Li Schober Thai 
28   Marisol Danu 
29   David Wolfe
31   Ailleen Andreatta
31   Lance Schober


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