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   Birthdays and Anniversaries


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1   Wally Koenst
3   Nash Cost - Knod
4   Betty McElhatten
4   Sharon Goby
4   Kai White - Brown
4   Elle Jolie DeAngelis
5   Paige Wright 
8   Harry Bittner 
10   Salvador
11   Kathy Sonheim
12   June Sloan
13   Richard Mazzola
14   Ellen Eanet
15   Zoe Pargot
15   Bruce & Ellen Eanet Anniversary
16   Ingrid Clouther
16   Barbara Company
16   Gynna
18   Stephanie Motley
19   Hans Schmitthenner and Joan Potenza Anniversary
19   Richard Dooley
20   Demetrio’s girls
21   Jim & Kathy (Sonheim) Farrell Anniversary
21   Richard and Yijie Dooley Anniversary
21   Steve Cole
21   Susanne Van Lierop
22   Kristi Chapman
22   Sam & Sharon Goby Anniversary 
25   Janet (Tricia’s mom)
25   Michael Schwartz
25   Katie & Joel Datica Anniversary 
26   Richard Glenn (“Ricardo”) & Mary Sue Northcutt, Anniversary 
26   Beryl Van Lierop
29   Lunda Schwartz
29   Bud & Alice Blatner Anniversary 
30   Starr Dooley DeAngelis



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