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  Birthdays and Anniversaries


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1   Kelly Colladarci
3   Arlene Pargot
3   Thierry VanderElst
3   Paul Rasmussen
4   Bob & Diane Mather Anniversary 
6   Don Papa 
7   Bill & Oteka Barb Anniversary
8   Diane Mather 
8   David Richards
9   Nance Walker
9   Annette Bartsch
9   Dawn Shubert
12   Neil Humphreys
13   Mike & Lydia Pontius Anniversary
14   Cami Mazzola
14   Tobias Zimmermann
16   Neri, Lucia Crespi´s partner at Lamanai Gallery
17   LarryAllen
17   Tricia Haynes
19   Marieke White
21   Dan Freeman
22   Cheryl Ragan
25   El Moreland
25   Linda Tate
25   Kate Turner
26   Myrna Bush
26   Maribel Bianchi
26   Salvador Company
27   Lisa Combs 
29   Tom Baxter
30   Richard & Arlene Pargot Anniversary 



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